10 facts about Fruit Bat

Fruit bats or also known as megabats contain one of the huge bats and mostly they eat fruits or nectar for survival. Their size makes them a little threatening and always misunderstood. So let’s see some more facts about fruit bats:-


Most of the fruit bats stay active at the night but there are some species that are active in the daytime too. 

Fruit bats love to live on trees and caves and they rarely enter human residence areas.   

Fruit bats have amazing sensing quality and they are not blind. They can smell a well-ripped fruit from miles away.

Some fruit bat species have a wide wingspan near about 1.5m that makes them look larger when they fly. 

Fruit bats only eat fruits, tree leaves, and flowers and they are not dangerous as well. 

Fruit bat’s baby called pups and they cannot fly too early and get stuck with their mother for lactation. 

Some of the fruit bats’ prey and their favorites are snakes, lizards, mice, and small animals. 

The lifespan of fruit bats is 20-30 years in captivity and in the forests both are included.  

Fruit bats have claws that help them in climbing on hard surfaces. 

Fruit bats are also mammals that can fly and they are excellent fliers and complete long space due to amazing lung volume.  


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