10 facts about Flamingo

Flamingo word, is a combination of Spanish and Latin, which means Fire, and this beautiful bird appears bright pink or red sometimes looks like a fire. 

The pink color of the flamingo bird is derived from its diet and it takes three years to get those bright pinkish-red colors which means the bird is quite healthy. 

You may don’t know, the flamingo is considered the national bird of the Bahamas. 

The bird is monogamous and produces only one egg in a year and there is no hatching then they have to wait for the next year and the chicks of the flamingo bird are grey.  

An adult flamingo bird can height 180cm that means 5’11 and is similar to a human male. 

Flamingos are outstanding fliers and they can fly 35 miles/hour. 

A healthy flamingo can live up to 60 years and surprisingly, a flamingo bird lived for 83 years in an Australian zoo that is still a record. 

Flamingos live and breed in large flocks that can reach millions and one flock is known as flamboyance or colony or regiment or flamingo birds. 

You may find only 6 species of flamingo bird all over the world. 

You can see them in popular Zoos or national parks.    


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