A crocodile is a water beast. They are very scary and dangerous. This creature generally lives in freshwater, lake, or blackish water. They can be located in tropical areas of Australia, America, and Asia. Let us learn some fun facts about this creature.

Some interesting facts about crocodile

The Saltwater crocodile is known as the biggest reptile in the world. They can grow up to the length of 6.17 m and can weigh up to a ton or more.

These reptiles are a close relative of dinosaurs.

Crocodiles are unable to shade tears. The provable crocodile tears, false expression of emotion, came from this reference.

This creature can move underwater with its jaws open.

Among all the crocodiles, the saltwater crocodile is the most dangerous. They have the strongest bite.

They can see very clearly at night. 

In the animal kingdom, the crocodile has the most elegant. It can change the destination of the blood flow in it based on the requirement.

Inside the egg, their baby makes a sound and the mother crocodile can hear that voice. The hatching process of this reptile occurs in water.

The crocodile can test sweat since they lack sweat glands.

A saltwater crocodile can live up to 70 years whereas the life span of a Nile crocodile is about 50 to 60 years.