Cats are among the animals that humans love most. It is a beautiful and cute pet that everyone adores. Most of the cats are very playful, which makes them more graceful. So let us learn some intimidating and fun facts about cats.

Some interesting facts about the cats 

Cats come in many varieties. There are 38 species of cats in the present world.  

It is normal for cats to rotate their ears up to 180 degrees which makes them quite flexible.

Cats can hear up to a long distance. Their hearing is 15 times stronger than that of humans.

The average weight of a large breed cat is about 9 kg.

Domestic cats are very lazy. Most of the time they either sleep or roam around the house.

The cats are unable to see directly under their nose.

Most of the cats lack eyelashes.

They have four toes on each front paw. But, they have four on the back. 

It is funny but true that someone believes that dreaming about the white cat brings good luck and in ancient time they were worshipped by the people of Egypt.

The “meows” sound made by cats is used to communicate with humans.