Caracal is a fascinating animal. This wild animal belongs to the medium-size cat family. They can be located in the arid regions of India, Africa, and the Middle East. It has unique ears. Now let us learn some interesting and cool facts about this animal.

Some interesting facts about the caracal

Caracals are great in vertical jumps. It can make a vertical leap up to 10 feet.

The sizes of male caracals are greater than females.

It generally preys on birds. Sometimes it hunts small animals and large insects. It has great potential in hunting and often catches animals much larger than itself, such as goats and antelope.

These animals are generally active at night and have great eyesight which makes them great hunters.

They generally use urine and claw marks to mark their area or territories. 

The newborn babies have their eyes closed and ears folded. It takes full three weeks to have all their characteristics.

The reason for their black tufts is still unknown to scientists.

The meaning of their name roughly means black ears.

They also come by the name of Persian lynx and gazelle cat.

The average life span of a caracal is 10 to 12 years.