10 Facts about Caterpillars

Caterpillars are a type of insect we can see all around. They are the larval stage of their parent moths and butterflies. We can see the caterpillar roaming around our houses and trees.

Some interesting facts about caterpillars

It may look like the caterpillars have a lot of legs. But in reality, they have only six original legs. The rest are false legs with a hook attached.

The caterpillars have a small size, but they eat a lot. They start eating just after coming out of the eggs.

The caterpillars have six pairs of eyes.

They cannot see images and colours but they can sense light.

The caterpillars do not have lungs.

The caterpillar crawls in wave motion which cannot be seen in any other animal.

Caterpillars do not have teeth. They just have teeth-like structures.

Caterpillars make the silk of their spit gland which is used to build their cocoon.

Caterpillars have 4000 muscles which are six times more than humans.

Amongst the several caterpillars that come out from eggs, only 1 or 2 grow up into adults.

There are many more interesting facts about caterpillars. Among various kinds of caterpillars, only a few are harmful. The rest of them are generally harmless. These caterpillars grow up and turn into beautiful moths and butterflies.