1. Air is mostly gases, it’s a mixture of gases that we can’t see. Air is everywhere around but is invisible. Air contains 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen.
  2. Air is not only mixture of gas but it also holds lots of other particles known as aerosols. These tiny particles smoke, dust.
  3. Air helps in burning or combustion. It helps us to cook food and burn fuels.
  4. Air helps regulate earth temperature by circulating hot and cold air from one place to another.
  5. Oxygen is used to make energy at cellular level in organisms and living beings. This energy is in the form of ATP.
  6. Carbon dioxide is used for photosynthesis by plants to make their food.
  7. Excess of CO2 production by power plants and vehicles contribute to Global warming.
  8. Air also holds tiny water droplets known as humidity.
  9. Air pressure decreases as we go up. Air pressure is less on mountain as compared to plain surface. Some people face difficulty during breathing on high rise mountains due to less oxygen.
  10. Air specially ozone helps to protect earth from solar radiation. Air acts as a natural shield and protects us from other things like meteoroids which are often burned down to small pieces when they enter earth atmosphere this happens due air friction.