In this article i am going to talk about why do we fail in life. No i am not going to talk about why we fail in exam or why our business fails. I am going to talk about life and for some people it’s a fail life. I want to you to understand the reasons behind why and how anybody can fail in life.

Lets start

  1. We expect more and more from our life – Yes this is true, when you achieve something you want to achieve another thing. Due to this sometimes we put our hands in those water that was never meant for us. Yes exceptions from life is always good but too much expectation from yourself is not good because you are not sure if the work that you are going to do will succeed or not. You must be thinking what is the connection between failure and too much expectations. There is a connection, when you expect too much from your life you don’t want to settle for anything else than your exceptions. Suppose you think that you are very intelligent and you can go to NASA. Now you are preparing for NASA for 5 years mean while your got many offers from other agencies and you ignored that you don’t need those because you need NASA. After 6-7 years you are not able to clear the job test for NASA and you are exhausted. Now you age has crossed and you are no longer eligible to join NASA. This is the failure. Failure due to too much expectations. Let me tell you even if you are very intelligent it is not guaranteed that you will go to NASA or ISRO. You need little bit of luck also for anything in your life. Sometimes failure comes from too much exceptions.
  2. We forget our time is limited and we have to die one day – If this world is a library then we are a lost reader, we are clueless about our life, goals and what we really want from this life. Sometimes we start experimenting with everything in our life , sometimes we will do this then sometimes we will do another thing. We forget that we have to die one day and our time on this planet earth is very limited it’s just 70-100 years that’s it. You won’t get 200 years to experiment and understand what your really want or life in this life. You must plan your life in such way that at the end you must be proud of your life and do not think that you wasted your life or something you had wished and you could not do it or you could have done but did not try. Whatever you want to do in your life just do it. And do it fast because time is not waiting for you nor your body , your age is waiting for you. Even if you don’t do anything you will die so it’s better do something with plan and not just randomly explore your life and waste much of your time.
  3. We forget the value of time – Most of the time we forget value of time and how time if very precious. We forget that if we put effort each day for sometime for next 10 years we can achieve anything in life. We forget that time is the actual money you have and it’s not the paper money. If you do not want to fail in your life then you have to know the value of each hour and each seconds. Do you know that there are courses available on internet that just take 30-40 hours to complete but most people don’t have those 30-40 hours time for those courses which could have changed their life in someway. They have lot of time for vacation and holiday.
  4. We indulge in activities that ruin our health and overall life – Taking alcohols, drugs can make you deviate from your path and ultimately it can ruin your life. You have been seeing people who smoke want to quit smoking. The people who are alcoholic want to quit drinking but even after knowing all of these you again choose to smoke, drink and take drugs. If you do not want to fail in life the learn from others because someone somewhere has already done or experimented what you are going to do or experiment. Learn from them, learn from their mistakes and take the right decisions and not just repeat things like they did.
  5. We don’t have plan B – Sometimes we are so busy with Plan A that we forget about plant B. In life you must always have plan B because life is uncertain, you don”t know what is going to happen tomorrow you don’t know future. It’s always better to have a plan B to jump to when plan A doesn’t work out.