Why are we sad?

We are sad because we can’t be happy forever. Sadness and happiness are part of our lives without sadness you won’t appreciate happiness and you won’t even remember god.

Sadness teaches you many lessons e.g compassion, kindness, trying to be good. In life you will find many people who will pretend that they are always happy but remember it is a myth no body is always happy there are always ups and downs in life and somehow you have to deal with it and no body is going to help you.

If you have come to this website to get a lesson to overcome sadness then i have a bad news for you because i will tell you to be sad it’s not that i am not a kind hearted person but i want you to get lessons that sadness teaches you. I will show you your darker side and may be some time you are sad because you only created it. You only did wrong things that make you sad. Most of the things in life is not predictable we don’t know what is going to happen next. So be quite, relax yourself and just be sad for a day because remember you will heal one day. Your wounds will heal automatically and you will become happy again.

In this world there are two types of people one who feel sadness and happiness and others who don’t feel anything.

In life you want to happy then don’t be happy and don’t be sad. I mean to say happiness or sadness should not affect your life in any way but to reach this state you will need to meditate and discover yourself. Learn some practices of meditation and Yoga to discover yourself again and to heal yourself.

I am wrong here because great persons do not heal, they are just not affected by any wounds, happiness or sorrow. To live a peaceful life be Mr constant because peace is more important in life than happiness or sadness.

Great Rishis of India, Indian saints who meditate in Himalayas are not affected by worldly sorrows because they are above the worldly things. They have uplifted their soul to the next level where they can realize what is actually happening. Most of the time we are unaware of what is happening with us.

Are we on the right path or wrong path we don’t know. To know the correct path you will need to find a guru. A guru should have qualities of guru, he should have meditate for around 3-4 years and must have knowledge of Vedas and ancient techniques of life.

Sadness gives you time to think about your past , your present and your future otherwise when you are happy you don’t even care about thinking. So when God feels that you need to realize yourself, he makes you sad.

So don’t run away from sadness deal with it.