Since Bio is usually related to living organisms and technology related to mechanics and computing. So perhaps biotechnology is related to yawning augmented super humans not quite so. Technology is the practice of techniques and science to produce products. Biotechnology is the use of living organisms, aka bio to make products or modify processes.

Before we go on to the application, we have to understand how living things work. Right indeed it is hence every breakthrough in biology understanding is followed by Novel Biotechnology.

For example, in 1865, Gregor Mendel discovered the law of inheritance which says that biological traits are passed onto the next generation through particular ratios and expressed according to dominance. This would later lay the foundation of artificial breeding in agriculture where animals and plants are bred selectively to develop preferred biological traits.

In the modern-day, the central principle behind biology lies in genetics or DNA. DNA is building blocks ATG seed can be seen as sort of a life code. That is common to all living creatures. A line of these life codes put concurrently in a specific sequence notifies specific protein formation ensuing in life as we know it.

This is a type of identical to how alphabets and English can be considered as communication codes and common to all English words. A string of alphabets or communication codes put together in a particular sequence instructs a particular word resulting in the communication as we know it.

The technological application to the understanding of genetics resulted in many applications ranging from GMO crops and agriculture to gene therapy in medicine. It usually employs the method of introducing DNA from one species to another or silencing existing ones to achieve specific biological traits. Think about it in a certain way, it is kind of similar to forming new words like chillaxing from the chill and relaxed.

Examples of Biotechnology:


Health is referred to as red biotechnology, it has come up with the resources in nature and man’s genetic code and makeup to rejuvenate, as well as encourage further exploration by decreasing rates of infection, recouping millions of children’s lives, improving the odds and length of life for those with life-threatening diseases, minimizing health hazards and side effects of medications, disease detection methods, and fighting serious illnesses and everyday hazards in evolving areas of the world.


White biotech is utilized in biological procedures like fermentation and meets biocatalyst such as enzymes, yeast, and other germs to evolve microscopic manufacturing plants. Also, biotech reduces the phases in chemical manufacturing cycles, reduces the temperature for cleaning clothes annually saving billions of dollars, saving on operating expenses for manufacturing, lessening the usage of and reliance on petrochemicals, cut greenhouse gas emissions, reducing water usage, and waste generation, and utilizing the full potential of typical biomass waste products.


Green biotech supports to feed the world by producing higher crop yields, reduce the usage of agricultural chemicals leading to less runoff of these products into the habitat, lessening the tilling of farmland, cultivating crops with enhanced nutrition profiles that resolve vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, production of allergen and toxin-free foods, and much more.


Blue biotech implicates procedures in marine habitats, such as controlling the spread of toxic and possibly harmful water-borne organisms.


So in the summary, Biotechnology is the technological application of biology oriented to serve our life. What are some biotechnology, you could think of, and what is the future of biotech it looks bright and if you have any suggestions or any review please share with us.