Friends, we are aware of the fact that when the two different things are similar in functionality, then it is very difficult to differentiate between an artery and a vein. And today’s topic is similar to that in which we will tell you “What are the arteries and veins and what are the differences in them?

Before knowing the difference between arteries and veins, we need to know what are arteries and veins, and what the differences between arteries and veins are.  And we will provide detailed information about differences in arteries and veins, etc.

Arteries and Veins are two different types of blood vessels in the circulatory system and are particularly active in circulating blood throughout the body. However, the two blood vessels are relatively different from each other in terms of purpose.

What is an artery?

Blood vessels carry the pure blood of the heart to different parts of the body.  Are called arteries. These are the cells that play a major role in reaching the blood from the heart. All the arteries carry oxygen-rich blood except for two types of arteries, pulmonary and avascular. 250 types of arteries are found in the human body. They are red.

What is a vein?

Blood vessels carry impure blood to different parts of the body to the heart. They are called veins. The blood is carried to the heart by the vein. Pulmonary and umbilical veins are two veins in which oxygenated (oxygen-mixed) blood flows.  Apart from these, deoxygenated (depletion of oxygen) from all types of vein tissues carry blood back to the lungs. The structure and function of both the artery and vein are very different from each other. Their color is blue or purple.

Difference between arteries and veins

Blood vessels transmit blood away from the heart.Blood vessels carry blood away to the heart for oxygenation.
Arteries look red.Veins look blue.
These are usually situated deeper within the body.These are usually situated closer or beneath the surface of the skin.
Oxygen levels are relatively high in arterial blood.The oxygen level is lower than arteries.
There are 3 layers of tissue:  
Outer coat (Tunica adventitia)
The middle coat (Tunica media) The inner coat(Tunica intima)
Also, these possess the same 3 layers but all much thinner.
The walls of arteries are much stronger and rigid than veins.Veins have less strong or collapsible walls.
Blood pressure is higher in arteries.Blood Pressure is lower in veins.
All the arteries are empty at the time of death.Veins get packed at the time of death.
There are two different types of arteries:  
Pulmonary arteries
Systemic arteries
There are four different kinds of veins:  
Deep veins
Superficial veins
Pulmonary veins
Systemic veins
The pathway of blood flow is very distinct.Sometimes the pathway of blood flow is indistinguishable because of many interconnections.
Endothelial cells are more elongated.Endothelial cells are less elongated.
Tunica media is more muscular.Tunica media is less muscular.
Tunica adventitia is less developed.Tunica adventitia is more developed.
The CO2 level is very low in arterial blood.The CO2 level is very high in venous blood.


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