Is Space Exploration Necessary?

Is space exploration really necessary? Is it realistic that people can live on another planet? How will private space flight companies change the future of space exploration?

You may have several questions in your mind and we have the answers to your queries.

Have you ever wondered what exist beyond our planet? We are too troubled with our worries that we wish that another planet existed where there would be no work-related stress or worries. What if there was a planet where you could stay? Earth is considered to be the ideal planet which has life. It fulfils the criteria of being the ideal planet for survival. It has water and a strong gravitational pull. Is it the only planet which has life? It creates doubts in everyone’s mind which is why space exploration becomes necessary.

Scientists are trying to observe other planets and the astronomers go on expeditions to find out whether extraterrestrial creatures exist or not and whether any other planet has life. It is interesting to be living on a planet and thinking that the universe is such a big place and there are other planets as well. There could be another world where one could live peacefully. It is fascinating! We shall answer all the questions one by one. Read on to find out more.

Future human colony on mars
Future human colony on mars

Is space exploration necessary?

It was in the year 1969, when the Apollo 11 landed on the surface of the moon. Since then the scientists and astronomers have started going on expeditions to different planets and the moon. Most people are trying to explore Mars because scientists say that there is a possibility that there would be life on the planet as there is liquid. Most people find space exploration necessary but there are still some people, who find it expensive and unnecessary.

Before coming to a conclusion, we would like to put forward our thoughts. Space exploration is a great way to know about outer space. We live in the Universe but we do not know what exists outside. It is intriguing that there could be extra terrestrial life out there. Learning about different planets and the stars could be beneficial because we get to know as to what is happening in the outer space.

Schools have space science as a subject and it opens up their minds to new possibilities. If you are living within the Universe, you should know where you reside.

Astronauts are trying to find out whether we can live on other planets or not.

We all know the problem of increasing population. If there was another planet, there would be no population problem because some people could take a flight and move to another planet. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a neighbour planet to visit? You could catch a flight and see the stars from a close distance. You could live with the aliens. However, it is a utopian concept and there are less chances of it coming true in the near future.

The meteorologists send satellites to the atmosphere and they are able to give weather forecasts. We are able to watch television. If there are serious weather conditions, the meteorologists will be able to tell us about it. How would we know that Tsunami is about to come? How would we know that a hurricane could come? People can get prepared before the disaster hits their abode. It would be such a big advantage for disaster management. Space exploration has become important because all the facilities that we enjoy are due to satellites which are sent to the space.

Space exploration can help the astronomers and scientists to know more about the Sun. Solar energy is being used for getting electricity. If the scientists could study the sun, there could be more benefits for the world. Since scientists go on space exploration, we know about the atmosphere and green house effect. We can take better care of our planet by knowing the atmosphere and outer space.

Do you know that space exploration is creating jobs for those that study science for years? In NASA, engineers, scientists and researchers are needed. If your kids study science and about the universe, they would be able to step on the moon. They would get jobs at the prestigious NASA. It is creating job opportunities for people, who do not wish to stay on the ground. They dream big and wish to explore other planets. It is a noble job because you are exploring outer space and telling the world about it.

Yes, it is a costly mission. It needs special equipments and devices. Private individuals or the Government funds these expeditions. The outcome may not be fruitful but the money spent is higher. Also, it is possible that the astronauts may bring harmful elements to Planet Earth once they return. It could pose threat to the environment. There is a problem of space junk as well. When astronauts go an expedition, they might leave small pieces of debris that could pose a threat to other astronauts.

Many accidents have happened where astronauts died in expeditions. Yes, they touched the moon and made the world proud but it does have risks as well. The problem of space garbage is the most dangerous. Leaving space junk behind would cause harm to space crafts and astronauts. The space junk can be reduced through various ways which are being developed by scientists. A space net is being created. A tax could be levied for sending satellites to the outer space. The most depressing consequence is unfortunate deaths. There have been many disasters in outer space when the astronauts died and it caused grief to the families. We lost many lives, which went to another planet or travelled to the moon.

Can people live on another planet?

We have always thought about a different world where one could live in peace. Would you leave the comforts of Earth and live on a planet which just has water? If you ever thought of going to another planet and living there, you would need to start life from scratch. Water is not enough for survival. Yes, water can be used for watering plants. You need water to drink, bathe and wash. However, we do need oxygen to survive on any planet. Water alone would not suffice.

We would need a food chain. If there is no food, there would be no life because people need basic food to survive. There has to be animals and food chain to survive. We would need sunlight to survive. Your morning starts on a positive note after you see the sun. If the planet does not have sunlight, the trees will not grow. We need a planet which is not too cold or too hot. A stable temperature is an important criterion. We also require an atmosphere which protects our planet from the harmful rays.

Which planet would be good for our survival? Earth is the best place to be because it has everything that is needed for human survival. We have plants, oxygen, animals, water and much more. Is there any other candidate? Mars could have life as per the scientists.  Is it enough for survival? However, there is not enough oxygen on the planet for us to survive because carbon dioxide dominates the planet.

Mercury would not be the right candidate because it has a thin atmosphere. We need an atmosphere which protects our planet from the harmful UV rays. The planet does not have water for survival and it would be dangerous to live on it because it is hit by meteors time and again. Venus has a thick atmosphere with a constant temperature. However, the heat cannot escape from the atmosphere which makes the Planet too hot for human beings. It would be unbearable to live on this planet. Too much volcanic activity on the planet makes it unsuitable for human beings. Uranus has water but no oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for human survival. We cannot depend on hydrogen and helium. Neptune has no oxygen as well. It is similar to Uranus.

Pluto is not considered to be a planet anymore and it has a very low temperature for human beings to survive. Since the atmosphere is made up nitrogen, human survival is not possible on this planet.

In a nutshell, it would be difficult to survive on other planets because they lack oxygen or the temperature is too high or low. Even if there was life on other planets, it would be difficult to reach other planets because there is no transportation for the same. How would humans take all their belongings to another planet? How would they travel to another planet? This is a big question. Scientists are still trying to find out whether it is possible or not. Would it be possible for us to stay on another planet? There is only one way to find out which is to wait. We need to wait and watch what the future holds for us. Would scientists discover a planet which has life? How would we travel? Would there be a special spacecraft? It brings us to the next question.

How will private space flight companies change the future of space exploration?

You must have heard about Space X. If not, just read on and you shall be intrigued by it. SpaceX basically designs and manufactures spacecrafts and rockets. Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX. SpaceX announced that they will take two tourists to the moon. This heightened the curiosity of the people, who have wanted to explore the space for a long time.  SpaceX aims to make space exploration less expensive. They believe that Mars could have potential to be our neighbouring colony and so, they want to reduce costs of space exploration. There are other companies which are trying to make it possible for humans to go on a space expedition.

Baikonur with the spacecraft
Baikonur with the spacecraft

The SpaceIL (Israel) is trying to enter the scene and they wish to make space exploration doable in the coming years. There may be a time when it would be possible to reach another planet since SpaceX is cutting down the costs of space exploration. SpaceX is working on Dragon spacecraft and the Falcon reusable rockets. They are preparing these for the Mars mission. Since climate change and over population could become a problem in the near future, it is possible that humans will start flying in these spacecrafts in 30 years. Donald Trump also said that he would want to send humans to Mars. NASA has plans of sending humans to the Red Planet in two decades. Is it possible that people would be sent to Mars? The answer is a resounding YES. There is a possibility that Mars could be the place where human civilization could survive. Since Earth is getting over populated and the climatic changes are causing threat to the environment, it would be a good plan to send some human beings to the other planet and see if it works.

NASA looks to the private flight sectors. It could be the future of space travel. Space tourism is the future and SpaceX seems to be a powerful candidate for it. They are sending two people to the moon in the year 2018. If you are getting married to the most beautiful person, you can give her the moon instead of a ring.

For many people, it still feels like Science fiction because space tourism is a distant dream. It would be possible in the next two decades. Probably you cannot image it right now but it is the future. NASA is still working on many aspects such as finding solutions to the health problems that could be caused in the outer space and miniature cameras on cell phones. It is a progressive idea and it will take time for it to evolve. There will be a day when we would be able to travel to space in one of the spacecrafts. Wouldn’t it be such a joyous experience? Let us hope that the future is bright for space tourism.

Some Facts about Space Exploration

  1. Space exploration involves studying and exploring outer space.
  2. In 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite.
  3. In 1959, the Soviet Union’s Luna 2 probe became the first human-made object to reach the Moon.
  4. In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first manned astronauts to land on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.
  5. From 1981 to 2011, NASA’s Space Shuttle program flew 135 missions.
  6. Scientists and engineers use the International Space Station (ISS) for space exploration and scientific research.
  7. Over 20 years have passed since humans first occupied the ISS in 2021.
  8. A number of robotic missions have been sent to Mars to study its surface and atmosphere in recent decades.
  9. In 2021, NASA’s Perseverance Rover successfully landed on Mars and began studying the planet’s geology, climate, and search for microbial life.
  10. Exploration of space has many potential benefits. This includes the advancement of scientific knowledge, the development of new technologies, and the possibility of human colonization of other planets in the future.