Due to zero gravity, it becomes very difficult to poo and pee in space. In space, everything seems to float. If you try to pee in a normal toilet in space, your pee may fly and stick to your face. That’s disgusting, right? Yes, it is. But these things will not happen in space toilets because space toilets will suck your pee so that it does not fly. Flying pee and poo is more dangerous than anything in space because it will pollute everything, and it is not easy to clean things in space because there is a lack of water.

In space, humans pee in the same way as they do on earth; the only difference is that they have different kinds of toilets in space.

Space toilets are very special toilets designed for astronauts to use in space. These toilets use air to suck away pee and poop from the body. The air is cleaned before it goes back into the living area. The International Space Station has three toilets that work with a fan to pull waste into a container. NASA made a new space toilet that’s easier to use and can be put in different spaceships. It turns pee into drinking water for long trips. In space, astronauts have a private area to use the toilet, just like we have bathroom stalls on Earth. For trips to the Moon or Mars, NASA is working on making sure almost all the water can be reused because it’s hard to get more water in space. So, space toilets help astronauts stay clean and save water when they’re far from Earth.

It actually costs 23 million dollars for NASA to build a toilet in space. This toilet is special in many ways. It works on the principle of suction.

To collect urine, astronauts use a hose and funnel, and a fan draws the urine into a tank.

This new toilet can accommodate both male and female astronauts. 

Do you know that your pee eventually gets recycled in space for water?

Credit: NASA

UWMS, which is NASA’s new space toilet, uses air flow to pull urine and feces away from astronauts bodies. These toilets are designed in such a way that they require less maintenance and cleaning.

Toilets price justifies their work, doesn’t it?

In space, everything needs to be recycled; they not only recycle the urine but also water, sweat, and breath. The Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) is in charge of handling this.

You may be surprised to hear that you can’t wash your clothes in space because there’s not enough water to use detergent and a washing machine. So what to do with your dirty clothes, then? Wear your clothes until they are very dirty and not fit for wearing any more, and now instead of washing them in a washing machine, you throw them out sideways in the space and let your underwear, shirt, and pajamas burn.

That’s it; that’s how you clean clothes in space.


Life in space is not similar to what we have on Earth. We humans are privileged to have water on earth; at least here we can wash our clothes properly, and we don’t need space toilets to suck our poo and pee.

Don’t misuse the privilege of the earth; keep your earth cool; and don’t destroy the environment because there is no livable environment on any other nearby planets in our solar system. We need to keep our earth livable for our future generations until we don’t find any other planet to live on, Even if we do, we will have to travel at the speed of light to any nearby solar system and that’s almost impossible thing to do

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