The list of the fastest animals has been released, out of which we will give you information about the eagle, which is also known as the Peregrine Falcon. It has 1500-2000 species. Female Falcon lays 3-5 eggs at a time. These are called the best flying machines.

Let’s know some Interesting Facts about Falcon:-

This bird can fly at a speed of more than 320 kmph.

It has a tubercle on its nose which helps in breathing while diving.

It is the national bird of the UAE and has also been declared the city bird of Chicago.

In World War II, it was used to intercept the messages sent by pigeons.

Their body length is 13-23 inches there and their wingspan is 29-47 inches.

It is not only the fastest bird in the sky but also the fastest bird on earth. It preys on medium-sized birds such as ducks and bats.

Strong chest muscles, long wings and streamline shaped Falcons are truly built for speed.  

It is found on all continents except Antarctica.

It does not like to live in high mountains, wide deserts, and forests.

It is recognized by blue-gray and long pointed wings of the same color and white and black spots on the abdomen.