Eel fish is a snake-shaped fish. That is, its shape is exactly like a snake. This fish is found in water, and their life is unique. The eel fish is also called Bami fish.

There are many species of eel fish. It is found in different seas of the world. Some of its species are found in freshwater. While some species are found in saltwater.


The species of Eel fish, i.e. Bami fish, is found in the Indian Ocean, in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Mediterranean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean.

The Eel gives birth to its young in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle. This fish lays eggs. Tiny transparent babies come out of their eggs.

When these babies come out of the eggs, they move towards the east and live in the water above the sea.

They live by living in the water above the sea, and they stay in this water for three to four years.

After that, they go a long way. Travels 3000 miles. Then it becomes round, which looks like the shape of a snake.

As their age and time increase. Their body also shrinks and becomes thin. Then a different tendency arises in them, which attracts them to go to freshwater water.

After leaving the sea, they go to freshwater water, then they reach lakes, rivers, and ponds.

Male eel fish can be about 12 to 20 inches in length, and female eel fish can be 14 to 27 inches in length.

The eel fish lives in rivers, in the sea, in ponds. Along with this, it is also found in the sea. During the day, it mixes inside the mud, and in the night time it comes out for its food.

This fish is very similar to the snake. That’s why it is called Bami fish.