Bats are the only mammals found in the world that hang upside down on trees and always turn to the left while flying from caves. Found in old ruins, kilos, and deserted buildings around humans, this creature is very ugly in appearance. And it is the only mammal that nature has made to fly.

Yes friends, today’s article is related to this amazing creature, which is known as BAT in the English language.

The bat is the only animal found in mammals that can fly.

A bat hunts 600 bedbugs in an hour, and not only this, but this creature can also eat 1500 small kites in an hour.

Bat is such a creature that saves crores of rupees of farmers. For example, about 140 big brown bats can eat many such insects in the summer season which harm the cucumbers and by this farmers save crores of rupees every year.

Did you know that in China and Japan, bats are considered a symbol of good luck and an auspicious sign?

Do you know, that the excreta of bats can also be used to make Gun Powder? For example, this has been done once in the American Civil War.

There are bats of some species that only drink blood and they are called vampire bats.

A vampire bat can drink blood equal to its own weight in 1 day.

You will be surprised to know that bats always sleep upside down.

America is the only country in the world where bats are found in maximum quantity.

The length of the wings of big bats can be about 5 to 6 feet.

Bats scientific name is Chiroptera and they are carnivore animals. They live in a colony and has average lifespan of 30 years.

There are mainly two types of bats: microbats and megabats. Microbats feed on insects, moths, et cetera, except vampire bats, which are also microbats. Megabats prefer to eat fruits, nectar, and pollen.

Bats locate things in the dark using echolocation technique. Echolocation is locating things using sound waves.

Despite all misconceptions around bats among us these animals are very important to us and our environment.