There are two kinds of motivation inner motivation that make you want to do something and outer motivation that is influencing you to do something. Always look for inner motivation. Inner motivation comes from within, you can also say the voice of your soul. It wants you to do something.

Outer motivation comes from out side world, Like your friends, family might motivate you to achieve your goals. You get motivated reading some fantasy stories or watching motivational videos on YouTube. The problem with outer motivation is, in most cases the goals are not set by you, but outer world sets a goal for you and it wants you to achieve it.

This all thing might sound peculiar to you but if you are seeking motivation from outside world to do anything then I think you are going in wrong direction. Do you need outer motivation to eat food? No, because your inner motivation wants you to have food and that time you won’t listen to anyone. So why should you listen to outer motivation for most of the big goals of your life. It’s not bad to seek outer motivation but it’s bad if your goals are also influenced by outer motivation. Society is telling you to become a painter you are not listening to your inner voice and blindly going for painting. Let me tell you, you won’t go anywhere you will end up average. The most successful people on this planet have always listen to their inner voice.

Who needs outer motivation ?

The people who are result oriented, goals oriented. The people who want to reach their goals as fast as possible because they love their goals but they don’t love the path to reach that goal. Outer motivation seekers are those guys who only think about the end result and let me tell you, the journey to reach that goal is very long, no kind of outer motivation can get you there. You will quit one day.

Let me give you one example. There is this guy called @Mohan he loves running. It is his inner motivation that tells him to run. His goals aren’t set by society or parents. He has set himself listening to his inner voice.  He runs everyday, he doesn’t need to watch tons of motivational videos on YouTube to run. He is more work oriented than result oriented he doesn’t care about what will happen after running. He is not running to loose weight, he is not running to win Olympics, he is running because he feels good, because he enjoys running, because his inner motivation feels happy, he keeps going even in hard times, he never thought about quitting because he is not looking for a end result.

There’s another guy @Rohan, people told him he is fat and slow he should run everyday. This guy is influenced by the outer motivation, by socienty. So finally he decides to go for running everyday and even win Olympics although he doesn’t love running. On very first day he runs and runs, then second day he runs and runs, it goes for around a week now there is no result, he is still fat and slow. He opens Youtube and looks for motivational videos to run. Now he has got the motivation he again runs and run this goes for another 1 month but at the end he sees no result he is still fat and slow. Finally he quits and he is still fat and slow.

The guy @Mohan is slim, one day there was a running race and he wins it. It continues and one day he even wins Olympic.

Although both of the above guys are imaginary but there is a fine line between them. When you are result oriented you count days and hours you work and then check with the result. The final result either make you happy or sad when you become sad you go to Youtube to watch outer motivational videos and then again go back to work.

When you are work oriented you give more, your performance is much higher than the people who are result oriented. I am not saying that result oriented guys do not succeed but the success rate is very low. You will succeed only if you are a stubborn result oriented guy.

I used to watch tons of motivational videos on Youtube thinking it will help me to better things in life and achieve my goals but they never helped.

The fact is outer motivation always misguides you, you start thinking you are a champion or some kind of superman. You even start doing things that is beyond your capability and you end up loosing the race.

Everybody wants the result but not everybody works the same. It’s the work that gives the result not the result itself. Thinking about the result all the time won’t make you achieve the result but forgetting result and focusing what you have to do may lead you to success.

Outer motivation is not bad. You can seek outer motivation but your goals should not be influenced by outer motivation otherwise you will never make it. Outer motivation is short and temporary but inner motivation is permanent. Don’t copy others, find your own path to succeed. You already know you are different from other people so why to have same goals as them, why your goals should be influenced by their speech. You need to listen your self what you really want then proceed ahead.

Outer Motivation is for depressed people, it is for those who are dragging themselves each day pushing hard to go one extra mile to reach their goal. Also their goals are set by outside world that is why they are dragging they don’t love but since society wants them to achieve they have to drag and say to themselves I won’t give up, to console their little heart which has been hijacked by the outside world. They don’t even know there is some kind of inner voice because they are so involved with the society and the world. The  chances are they will never make it to their goals.

If you are doing the same, please stop and think why are you dragging yourself, why can’t you be happy and love your work, You must have inner motivation rather than listening to outside motivation and thinking you are a superman.