Why TRT WORLD has nothing to do with News

TRT WORLD owned by Turkish Radio and Television corporation which is the mouth piece of Turkey government and believe me it has nothing to do with the news facts. It is just a propaganda machine of Turkey government.

Surprisingly this company gets funded from Turkish people through tax which means government funds it to spread hate and propaganda through south Asia.

Their youtube channel has about 900k subscribers if you visit their youtube channel you will be able to see a pattern when they are always against Hindus in India and Christians in Isreal or any other countries. These types of modern news channels are more of propaganda machine than the actual source of news.

The state owned news networks like TRT World, ALjajeera, BCC are kind of same. They are all run by thier government and always work on a ajenda of hatred, fake news.

All of their videos and news have some hidden agenda.

Turkey a small country and friend of Pakistan has a message for India that hey India, i don’t like you , i don’t like Hindus and I don’t like BJP. We want to break your country and break your governement.

but the truth is can Turkey stand with India?

No chance.


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