Why am I jobless

There many people who are jobless and ask this question very often to themselves and are really confused about why are they actually jobless when they should have a job and a life partner.

This article is for those people who are currently jobless or are looking for job opportunity or are thinking to start a new business to make some money.

There are many reasons for joblessness . if you’re jobless the chances are that you don’t know what are your core competencies are or you’re confused about your goals and your current situation.

We are all born with some inherent skills that are already within us and if we can find those inherent skills then certainly we will be able to monetise those skills without needing to learn any new skills.

Most of these skills have been passed from generation to generation from your father to you from your grandfather to your father and you can monetise those skills but if you think you aren’t interested in any of those skills and you want to try something new but you are stuck and you don’t know what you should do .Then you look confused about your life.

Many people tend to wait for job like for government jobs but they don’t understand that we aren’t born to do a job we are born to create jobs for ourselves and our family.

If job is not coming to you it’s better you yourself create a job and do not waste your time waiting for the job to come to you because job is nothing but a way to monetise your skills and you can monetise those skills by creating your own small business or even by selling your skills.

Even when you look at small insects or animals you will find that they are not sitting idle I am waiting for things to happen in its self but they are doing things for themselves be it food or shelter.

Even a small insects are able to find a job but I am not humiliating you you are jobless not because you are worthless but because you are confused and in a dilemma of what to do and what not to do and how to make money and how to live a good life you are confused and also you are afraid to do something unusual like starting your own business because you have heard so many people failing in doing business.

If you’re not interested to learn a new skill that has potential to get a job then try to find an inherent skill in yourself that you can Monetise without needing to do any extra things but if you are determined to learn something new and move forward then you may be able to get that job that you want to do but first you will have to come out of your dilemma or the state of confusion.

If you’re preparing for a government job but failing to get it then my dear friend do not waste your time go and look for other opportunities there are thousands of opportunities to explore

If you have already failed 3 to 4 times for a government job exam then you must look for new opportunities or if you are sure that you will crack in the next round then you can you stick to your old idea.

It’s your choice it’s you that is stopping yourself from doing things that you wanted to do.

The best and easiest way to find a job is to find your limits your comfort zone and the pressure that you can take if you don’t have any idea about your own self then I will suggest you to sit down and think about all these things then take a firm decision about what you are going to do next instead of being in a confused state of mind.