What is Wikipedia ? Is Wikipedia a neutral source of Information ? How Wikipedia is more dangerous and silent killer than any other social media.

For decades we have relied on Wikipedia, considering it as a valid source of information for everything. Wikipedia is also promoted by Google on google search result, so when ever you search something on Google and if any pages are found from Wikipedia Google promotes that page and we users use that information for our studies, research and everything else.

Wikipedia a database of information where many users around of world can edit information but , but wait some information can not be edited.

Below is the screenshot of OpIndia page where wikipedia itself has become a judge and claiming that OpIndia is a right wing news portal also OpIndia publishes fake news. If you look carefully in the below image you can a lock image at the right corner, it means that this page can not be edited by any normal person and hence it can be used to spread a particular narrative.

If you read the below article carefully you will come to know that how wikipedia is not only trying to tarnish Hindus and BJP but it is also trying to brighten its Islamic agenda.

Now let me accept that OpIndia is a right wing news portal. Then if i visit any left wing news portal i should find a mention of left wing news portal, right? let me start with NDTV

Ohh, my god, i am not able to find any word like this website is left wing website and it spreads fake news. Also there is no Islamophobia here.

Let me go to the wire

Ohh My God, i am not even able to find if The Wire is a right wing or left wing website ??? Why Wikipedia Why. Why don’t you mention that The Wire is a left wing website and it also spreads fake news.

Let me go to Republic TV

Ohh My God, again thanks to Wikipedia for at least mentioning that this is a right wing news channel and spreads fake news. Thanks Wikipedia, at least i have information about two websites.

Ok Thanks wikipedia now i know that OpIndia, Republic Channel spreads fake news and are right wing news portal but wikipedia you did not give any information about these things on The Wire and NDTV.

Believe me i need that information for my research.

No worries wikipedia, let me try some more things

Let me try the quint

Ohh I visited the quint, still i have no information if this news portal is right wing or left wing and spreads fake news . Not fair wikipedia, i had so much expectation from you. I had donated you money to put neutral information you seem seem to be supporting a particular narrative.

Ok let me go to Zee news

Thanks wikipedia i now know that zee news is also fake so it must have been either supporting Hindus or BJP right ? Ohh yeahh , i can see that , i can clearly see that The chariman of this group is Subhash Chandra and is a member of Bharatiya Janta Party .

Thanks for helping in my research

Conclusion of This research

If a site spreads a fake news it must be a Hindu supporting news channel or it must be a BJP supporting news portal. If a website is not related to Hindus or BJP then it is not spreading any fake news.

Is Wikipedia a neutral source of information?

I used to think the same that, since any one can edit the pages so it must have neutral source of information and thinking the same i even donated money to Wikipedia multiple times and recently a video was posted on YouTube by String and after that i tried to do the investigation myself and i was surprised how wikipedia was so biased and only promoted the one narrative. Since most of the important pages of wikipedia can not be edited so it is possible to spread one narrative and that’s what Wikipedia is doing.

Let me dig deep

Let me search about 2020 Delhi Riots

So according to wikipedia Hindu mob attacked Muslims ?? Wait What ???? I know it was a planned attack and Muslims too attacked Hindu, how can you make only muslims victim here.

Recently there was a riot in Bengaluru where muslim mob burned bengaluru over a facebook post on muhammed.

Let me search that

Ohh my god, wikipedia needs discussion because someone has written this post and targetted innocent muslims. We need discussion and should rename this article as 2020 Bangalore Violence and not riots because peaceful community can not do riots, only Hindu mobs attacks and does riots.

In the above image you can see how Wikipedia is trying to show this riot as violence

A group of Muslims arrived at his house in protest which turned violent

Don’t we already know that muslims not came for protest but to attack and kill people and burn vehicles ?

Even from the above image right corner it is clear if it was a peaceful protest or a organised riot


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