What is Blood? Difference between Blood and Lymph?

Friends, if you are looking for a Difference between blood and lymph, then this post will prove to be very useful for you. This post is specially prepared for the student, through which they can learn the difference between blood and lymph. This question is very useful for board exams.

Friends, under the bio-process lesson, we get to know about blood and lymph. First of all, we tell you about what is blood and lymph.

What is blood?

Blood is a type of liquid connective tissue that contains plasma and blood cells.  The volume of blood in humans is up to 5 liters.  Blood has 2 parts of fluid and plasma and its solid part is made up of cells.  Friends, let me tell you for your information, there are three cells of the blood.

Red Blood Cells – Red blood cells mainly act as oxygen convection due to the presence of hemoglobin and some amount of carbon dioxide also.

White blood cells – White blood cells protect the body by producing antibodies in the body or destroy bacteria and germs from the body.

Blood platelets – Blood platelets are required for blood quivering.

In high invertebrates, vertebrates, and humans, blood is found to transport nutrients, gases, hormones, waste materials, and other products, which are pumped by a muscular heart, this entire system is called the circulatory system, low of the circulatory system.  There are parts –


The heart

Blood vessels

Blood: Blood is a liquid connective tissue, the blood contains plasma and blood cells. The volume of blood in a man is usually 5 liters.

Plasma: It is a liquid part of blood, it is a light, yellow alkaline liquid. It is 55% part of blood and contains 90% water and 10% organic and inorganic substances.

What is lymph?

In all vertebrates, besides the blood circulation system, the lymphatic circulation system helps transport the liquid present in it is called lymph. The lymph is affected in the lymphatic vessels.  In other words, lymphatic is an endocrine fluid that is found in the middle of human cells. It affects the lymphatic vessels.

There is a thin layer of fluid around the cells, called tissue fluid.  The exchange of substances between the blood and the blood takes place through this tissue fluid. Substances from blood cells like food, oxygen, etc. are first dispersed in this tissue fluid itself.

And then from tissue fluid into cells.  Similarly, substances from cells such as CO2, urea, etc. are first diffused into this tissue fluid, then from this fluid into blood cells. It collects in the histo-plasmic ducts.  After collecting in the ducts, it is called lymph. The duct in which the lymph gathers is called the Lymph Vessel.

Difference between blood and lymph

Blood is red.The lymphatic color is white.
Red blood cells are found in the blood.Red blood cells are not formed in the lymph.
Oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported by blood.Oxygen and carbon dioxide are not transported by lymphatic.
The more soluble plasma protein is in the blood, the higher the number of neutrophils.Lymphatic plasma protein is more in the number of lymphocytes.
Oxygen and nutrients are found in the blood in excess.  The amount of substances excreted in the lymph is relatively high.

In short

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