What is achluophobia (fear of darkness)

This is also called fear of darkness and it is a common phobia among children and also among adults.

The extreme fear of dark is also called nyctophobia and it is caused by brain’s disfigured perception of what would happen or could happen when we are in the dark environment and it can be triggered when mind is not steady or it is a scared about events that is currently going on . It can also be caused by watching horror content and vulgar content.

Since we humans are not nocturnal animals that is why we are very sensitive to dark environment because we are not accustomed to it. Our natural behaviour is normal during the day time but sometimes it behaves abnormally during the night time.

Nyctophobia can cause sweating, nausea ,dry mouth ,feeling sick, shaking and inability to speak or think wisely.

Nyctophobia is very common to young children but sometimes young adults are also suffering from it , the possible causes of nyctophobia is not just darkness but the hidden dangers of the darkness.

The symptoms of nyctophobia includes becoming very nervous in dark environment and being reluctant to go out at night with friends or colleagues and in severe cases a person may attempt to run from the dark area or dark rooms , he may prefer staying indoors at night.

Nyctophobia may result in sleep disorder in young children. The fear from ghosts , monsters , sleeping alone and strange noises maybe the hidden danger for young children.

The possible cure for nyctophobia is therapy allowing children to relax and explaining children that ghost, monsters are not real may help children overcome nyctophobia.

In most cases nyctophobia does not require any kind of therapy but if you feel extremely anxious or panic at night then you may consult a doctor for treatment.

In some cases the treatment may include.

Exposure therapy – In this therapy ,a patient is exposed to his fear repeatedly until he has no longer fear of darkness and no longer feelings of anxiety or panic

Cognitive therapy – In this therapy a person has to replace his anxiety and panic with more positive thoughts. Therapist may explain the person that Being in dark at night does not always lead to negative consequences.

Relaxation – relaxation includes treatment like breathing and exercises which helps the person to manage his stress and phobias.

Medication – this is the last possible treatment for nyctophobia but a nyctophobia patient may not need any kind of medication at all . medication can be taken at doctors advice when the case is severe and the only possible treatment left is medication.