What are sales territory in Netsuite?

Sales territory is a bridge between sales rules and sales rep / sales team. The end use of sales territory is for routing lead, prospect or customer to your sales rep or sales team. Routing here means assigning task to your prospect or customer.

Sales rules are parameter that help you to assign leads, prospects or customers to your sales rep. For e.g suppose you have a sales rep named mohan and you want him to only see the leads of Delhi. So in sales rules you will put this parameter. In state field choose delhi and ctiteria any of.

Now after creating sales rule you have to create sales territory.

Here you are going to assign sales rep with rule.

If the conditions of sales territory matches with that of lead prospect or customer then they will be auto assigned to that sales rep or sales team if you are using team selling.

Lets do it. Here i am going to create a sales rule that if a new lead comapny name contain abc word it should be auto assigned to me, i am here a sales rep.

Now i am going to create a sales territory. where i will assign myself with sales rule..

Now i am going to create lead and if i am auto assigned if the company name includes the word abc.
 So here you can see i am auto assigned as a sales rep based on rules and territory.