What are biotic and abiotic resources

Biotic resources are all the living things around us for example plants, fungi, decomposers, parasites, symbiotic, Animals, Humans etc

Abiotic resources are all the non living components of the environment for example Light, Water, Fire, Soil, Gravity, Radiation, Energy, Topography, Temperature, radiation.

The interconnection of biotic and abiotic components of an environment forms and ecosystem.

What is the difference between biotic and abiotic resources

  • Biotic refers to living beings in the ecosystem whereas abiotic refers to the non living things in the ecosystem.
  • Biotic components affects each other for their food or habitat. Abiotic factors do not affect each other for food or habitat.
  • Biotic factors includes plants, animals, fungi, micro-organisms, humans. Abiotic factors include air, water, soil, temperature, wind, energy etc.
  • Abiotic factors do not depend on biotic factors for their survival but biotic factors depend on abiotic factors for their survival.
  • Change in abiotic factors may limit growth of a species, population or an entire ecosystem. Change in biotic factors only affects another organisms that depend upon them for their food or shelter.
  • Abiotic factors do not adapt the changes but biotic factors can adapt to the changes for their survival.
  • Both biotic and abiotic factors affects an ecosystem.

Abiotic Components

Abiotic components are non living or inorganic parts of an ecosystem.

Energy – The sun energy directly affects the biotic parts of an ecosystem. Living organisms depend of sun directly or indirectly for their energy needs. Organisms that are not able to directly absorb sun light depend on plant food for their energy plants depend on sun.

Temperature – Living organisms needs a moderate temperature to survive thus temperature influences the survival of living beings.

Atmosphere – Atmosphere consists of various gases that include two most important gases oxygen and carbon dioxide that are essential for survival of plants and animals.

Water – Water forms an essential part of living beings for survival. Water in the form of rainfall causes plants to grow. Some of the aquatic animals and plants need water to grow and for habitat.

Soil – Soil is necessary for plants to absorb minerals and water. Since plants are primary producers soil plays an important role in their growth and survival.

Biotic Components

Primary Producers (Autotrophs) – Primary producers are plants, certain bacteria and algae. Primary producers like plants make food in the presence of air, water, soil and sunlight through the process of photosynthesis.

Consumers ( Heterotrophs) – Consumers are unable to make their own food through the process of photosynthesis thus they depend upon plants and other animals for their food. Consumers are classified by the types of organisms they eat. Primary consumers feed on plants. Secondary consumers feed on primary consumers. Tertiary consumers feed on secondary consumers. Consumers includes birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, fungi.

Decomposers – Decomposers are fungi, bacteria, worms , flies and other organisms that bread down dead materials into simpler forms that can again be used in the ecosystem. They use organic compounds from producers and consumers as the source of their energy. They recycle rotten fruits and dead animals.

Q – What are the 5 abiotic factors?

A – Air, Water, Soil, Temprature, Energy

Q – Is sunlight abiotic or biotic?

A – Sun is abiotic

Q – Is cloud biotic or abiotic?

A – Cloud is abiotic

Q – Is Salt abiotic or biotic?

A – Salt is abiotic

Q – Is Cotton abiotic or biotic?

A – Cotton is abiotic

Q – Is mold biotic or abiotic?

A – Mold is biotic

Q – Is Desert abiotic or biotic?

A – Desert is abiotic

Q – Is Steak abiotic or biotic?

A – Steak is abiotic because it is dead

Q – Is Cotton abiotic?

A – Ctotton is abiotic because it is dead

Q – Are potatoes biotic or abiotic?

A – Potatoes are biotic

Q – Are rabbits biotic or abiotic?

A – Rabbits are biotic

Q – Is Coral biotic or abiotic?

A – Coral is biotic

Q – Is humidity biotic or abiotic?
A – Humity is abiotic

Q -Is hair a biotic?
A- Hair is abiotic

Q – Is grass biotic or abiotic?
A – Grass is biotic