War Robot Game Wiki

About The Game

War Robots is an action game and works flawlessly on any device, be it your Android Phone or a tablet.

It is a multiplayer game with 6 vs 6 teams in real time (live).

Quoting Droid Gamers:

“If you are looking for something new and love robots and multiplayer battles it’s worth the download to check it out since initially, it won’t cost you anything.”

Here is what Android Police has to say about War Robots:

“As a high-end, team-based online multiplayer mech game on Android, it’s also fairly unique to the platform.”

It is popular among gamers who particularly like a challenge, and like to defend surprise attacks. Also, there are plenty of intricate tactical manoeuvres, sneaky tricks and what not.

You have to destroy enemy (opponent) robots, capture all the beacons. Then after, you can increase (upgrade) number of weapons to increase your combat strength, momentum, and of course the durability of your battle robot.


• There are 24 available robots, each with different strengths.

• There are over 20 weapon types; including, energy and plasma guns.

• One of the unique features is you can make a blend of different robots and weapons.

Victory Conditions:

You have to capture beacons.

You have to destroy all the for robots.

How To Play:

Move the left stick to make movements in your battle robot, then pull down the right stick to

fire with consistency.

You can swipe across the screen to rotate the tower can the camera.

Making movements, shooting continuously, turning your tower – That’s how you play.


Always commence the battle with some long range weapon.

In battle, your goal should be capturing and saving beacons.

Use the ability of your robot to attack correctly.

During the battle, being a part of teamwork will increase your winning probability.

Purchase 4 slot weapon(s) to make serious damages.

In the last few minutes, reach to the spawn point (location) and then make attacks.

Following is the information about the weapon.

There is a basic principle of this game: Larger the weapon, greater is the damage. Weapons also have their range variations (close/long/short). Also, longer range implies to lesser damage.

In War Robots, weapons are available in three classes, classified mainly upon hard points:

Light Weapons:

These weapons can be fitted to a light hard point. There are plenty of weapons available in this class; plus they perform multiple jobs. Piñata, though takes time to reload, does effective damages when used. Conversely, Gecko has a very short reload time but it can’t make serious damages like Piñata. Basically, you can use light weapons in any kind of play style. Some other weapons in this class are, Punisher, Spiral, Ecu, Aphid, etc.

Medium Weapons:

These weapons can be fitted to a medium hard point. They are best known for their assault features. Its weapons, Taran and Orkan do serious damages at short ranges. Taran is a kind of energy weapon. One of the most powerful rocket launchers in this class is Punisher MK2.

Heavy Weapons:

As the name suggests, heavy weapons can be fitted with a heavy hard point.

Following are four weapons available in this class.

— Long Range (1500 m) Salvo and Energy Artillery Nashom, Kang Dae, Trebuchet

— Medium Range (500-600 m) Assault Weapons

Zesus, Trident

— Short Range (100-200 m)

Thunder (only weapon in this class)

[Please note that maximum effective range is only 100 meters]

— Shield: Ankle (energy shield)

In this game, there are five types of weapons, classified on how they work and how much damage they do.

Guns: General bullet or shell rifles, or canons with a flat trajectory and great momentum. It has the ability to fire with consistency at foe robots. Overtime, it creates huge amounts of damage.

Missiles It’s a sort of rocket launcher that can fire explosives and perform splash damages. Much like bullets, it also follows a plane trajectory (except the Noricum and Zenit). Missiles do serious damages in a very short period of time. Though, they take time to reload which leaves the player defenceless for some period of time.

Homing Missiles

A type of missiles that lock on and fire projectiles while tracking the target. With some amount of time spent on practice, you can develop a good grip over homing missiles. Also, you need a large cover to block homing missile attacks on you (incoming).


Expensive but creates a splash of damage. They emit laser beams or bolts of super-heated plasma accompanied with high velocity.


As the name suggests, this equipment helps in defending incoming attacks. It blocks any kind of fire attacks on your battle robot.


• Get Unlimited Gold : Great for purchasing and upgrading robots.

• Get Unlimited Silver: To unlock new game boosts.

• Increase XP: Make your battle robot the best among all.