Traditional Indian Home Decorating Ideas

The traditional style Indian home decor is considered as the most vibrant, colorful, interesting, attractive, and exotic. If you are looking for some ideas to decorate your home in traditional Indian way then this article can be very helpful and useful for you because here we are listing some amazing ideas that will transform your home totally.

You will see the glimpse of art, history, and tradition at one place which is necessary for traditional home decor so let’s have a glance at these ideas:-

Vibrant and bright colors:

Bright wall colors always highlight the royal beauty of your house. If you want a traditional Indian look for your house then try to paint the walls with vibrant colors. You can also take suggestion from an expert and ask for a better choice.

The Earthy shades like bright yellow, burnt orange or light brown would be perfect for the walls or the floor. You can also choose bright and dark colors for the pillowcases and other small appliances that will change the complete look of your space.   

Ergonomic furniture:

For a traditional and authentic Indian home decor, you must take care of the furniture choice. The furniture should be made of sturdy wooden with some metallic craving and crafting.

Also, the color should be dark and bright. Never choose plastic furniture if you want a royal decor. There are many superb items available online to buy or you can also go to the antique shop for buying one.     

Attractive cabinets:

The classy Indian cabinets can’t be simple or formal. Always choose traditional cabinets with sturdy material with some stone or mirror work. you can use these cabinets to keep your small accessories but overall they are just showpieces to enhance the traditional beauty of your home.

Space for Individual:

The tradition homes also have space for personal usage and never ignore this point. However, the modern houses are becoming small with lots of gadgets and appliances but an Indian house contains an informal space for relaxation.   

A relaxing chair, divans, a jhoola, footstool or a cozy sofa would be a great choice. The tiny cushions or rugs can increase the decor as well as comfort.     

Use some artistic material:

Without using any artistic material an Indian traditional decor is incomplete. There are numbers of the item available in the market or you can purchase online many kinds of art pieces like bells, vase, diyas, clay items, metallic items, sandalwood box, and many other things that will suitable for your drawing room or living room area.

You can also go for some lamps and masks. There are many paintings available that shows the old royalty of kings and queens.      

Use quality fabric:

As we all know that Indian culture and tradition are quite popular all over the world and people are curious to know about Indian history. You must use quality items for your houses like the fabric of curtains and fine bed sheets for your divans and beds.

Use silk fabric for your pillows and cushions and cotton material for side chairs. One can also use traditional carpets that are really amazing and ideal for your guest room.       

Add some cultural items:

India is a huge hub of cultural items whether you can add some Rajasthani artwork like paintings, hanging items, designed decorative items, etc. Madhubani paintings are also worthy for a traditional decor and one of the most popular painting is “Bani Thani” that is actually a painting of a beautiful woman. Use large items as the centerpieces and make a small gallery for small items. We hope that your home will get a new classy look for sure.