Toys under 1000 Rupees

Do you want to buy toys for kids and you are not sure which type of toys you can buy under 1000. Here we are going to list 10 best toys that you can buy for your kids under 1000.

Play Tents for Kids

Kids love to build their own house, make their own food and feed dolls and other friends, we 90s kids also have tried to build our own house when we were young.

Tent house

Kids will fall in love with this tent house. This tent house is designed for kids to sit inside and do their stuff like cooking after all its their house now. This tent is 38 inches in length, 30 inches in width and 42 inches in height which is more than enough for your kids to enjoy. This tent house is for kids upto 6 years of age.

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Flying Indoor Helicopter 

If your kid is technical and loves helicopters, this toy is going to make him happy.

Remote Controlled Helicopter

This is an indoor flying helicopter and should only be used inside your house. These helicopters need good brand new batteries to fly and can fly upto 10 meters of height.

This toy is for kids minimum of 8 years of age.

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Piano Keyboard Toy

If your kid loves music this keyboard is definitely for him.


This keyboard has 37 keys and can produce 8 tones, 8 rhythms 4 percussion

It can even record song. It can be easily operated using 5v DC power adapter or can be connected to an USB cable that is already connected to any computer or pc. This keyboard is only for kids and not for professional musicians because after all its a toy.

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Rectangular Pool

If you do not have a swimming pool in your house, you do not have to worry.

This plastic swimming pool is the best toy for your kids. These pools are made using plastic and can be filled with air to bring it’s shape, after that it can be filled with water where your kids can play. It has a depth of 1 feet and can be kept anywhere like balconies and terrace.

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Hummer Toy Truck

Kids have special place for toy cars and trucks in their hearts.


This monster truck will definitely make your kid super happy. This monster is built for all terrain be it indoor or outdoor. This tucks races in off road conditions too. This is a remote controlled truck and minimum age to operate this monster is 4 years.

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Innovation Kit

Some kids are born engineers and they like to play with electric gadgets.

This kit includes everything for your kid to build something himself.

This kit comes with a book which explains how to build something. This kit is suitable for people in the age group of 7 to 25.

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Roller Skates

Skating is a fun game and this roller skates is what your kid needs. If you have some place in your backyard then certainly buy this stuff.

This old fashioned skate is a thing. It is suitable for 13 years old.

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