Swamp Attack Game

About The Game

Do you remember that talking cat named Tom, called Talking Tom? Or that funny talking dog called Talking Ben the Dog? They were developed and published by Outfit7.

Swamp Attack has been developed by the same developer and downloaded over somewhere between 50 millions to 100 million times on the PlayStore™.

[Data Source: Google PlayStore™]..the swamp attack game was developed by out fit 7 and released on ios.

To learn the basics, start the game from the tutorial. You will learn the basic commands and many how-to actions.

In the game, you have to defend your house with defense tools available in the game, like, the mighty shotgun, the super atom bombs, and over 30 others.

You will have to cross over 300 single-player levels throughout the game.

During the Swamp attack, the players have to face off all sorts of enemies, each with a different appearance, figure, behavior, strength, etc.

How To Play:

To learn the basics, start the game from the tutorial. You will learn the basic commands and many how-to actions:

1. Tap to shoot.

2. When you spot a monster, drag and drop the explosives onto it.

3. You can switch between the weapons during the gameplay (mission).

4. Keep drinking the potion in order to revive your health.

5. Upgrade weapons before starting a new mission (level).

App Permissions:

1. Prevent phone from sleeping

2. Access Network

3. View Network Connections


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Tricks and Tips Associated with Swamp Attack Game:

1. Use Explosive/Bombs when required

While you have to drop the explosives onto the monsters, make sure you don’t leave them unused. Keep an eye on the number of explosives you are left with and don’t refrain from using them when you sense an attack. Sometimes when you feel that you are unable to respond to the number of enemies coming to you during the battle, don’t think and use the explosives.

2. Take advantage of multi skills

With the help of your shotgun, you can maximise the potential of getting multi kills. The spread range can be used to kill multiple monsters at a time in close quarters.

Trick: Tap anywhere in the mid air (not directly the monster/enemy), and it will do a bigger damage. You can try this trick when you are equipped with that spread range shotgun.

3. Refrain from using coins to unlock weapons

In a hurry of unlocking weapons, players tend to waste coins. Don’t waste them, rather conserve the

coins for upgrading the already unlocked weapons.

4. Prioritise the weapon you want to upgrade

Just like we mentioned it in spending coins, you should prioritise your coins to spend in upgrading your

weapons rather than unlocking. Also, keep buying explosives which will help you fight monsters.

5. Learn to use the right weapon

Every weapon has its own feature. You need to select the right one at the right place. For example, when

your target is long range then do not use shotgun or uzi. Select the right weapon instead.

6. Manage your reloading time

Avoid the reload during open or ongoing battles. The time factor becomes very significant in case of

weapons like shotguns. Hence, make the slots full before commencing to fire.

7. Prioritise killing animals based on the damage they can make

If you get to face a number of monsters simultaneously, try to figure out that which of them can make

the most of the damages (based on previous experiences).

You need to kill the one that is making serious damage to your health in the first place.

8. Farm funds from the easiest for you

The best way to grind for more coins to use on what you need in battle is to go back and play the easiest

level for you repeatedly. This is not by going to the very beginning, the trick here is to analyze the easier

challenge from the previous stage. So the latest it is from your current level the better since it can offer

you much coins compare to the very beginning level but also consider the difficulties of it and the time

of how long it takes for you to clear the stage.

9. Find Inactive Players

Sometimes, when you spot some inactive players, it becomes a good source of earning coins by

making an attack.