Suite Commerce API Intro in NetSuite

Suite Commerce API is used for web store customization in NetSuite. If you want to edit or make any changes to the web store or create new functionality to an existing website you will have to use Suite Commerce API provided by NetSuite.

Suite Commerce API provides webContainer object, which is the only globally accessible object that can be used to get other objects like shoppingSession, Customer, Order, PageGenerator and standardTagLibrary.

These objects hold information within a given shopping session. To do anything with the customer or order after getting the webContainer you will also need to get ShoppingSession.

Standard methods to get the data from Suite Commerce API are

nlapiGetWebContainer().getShoppingSession() nlapiGetWebContainer().getShoppingSession().getCustomer() nlapiGetWebContainer().getShoppingSession().getOrder() nlapiGetWebContainer().getPageGenerator()

With SuiteCommerce API we create websites and we have two kinds of files .ss, and .ssp files.

SSP Pages are in general terms client side pages and ss pages are server side pages. If you have to create a form, you will need to create it in SSP and then send the form data to SS pages to process and talk with NetSuite.