wiki game is one of the amazing as well as compulsive game which is developed as per the requirements of players. This game is multiplayer game play in which player avtar is featured with snake. Out of 12 skin colour of snake, any solid colour can be allotted by the server when you will start the game but if you want to add the skin colour of your own wish then you can add the desirable colour by following some steps. This game was developed by steve howse and published at 25 march 2016. In addition, publisher of this game is Lowtech Studios. Most interesting part about this game that ‘ game is compatible to almost all the platforms such as iOS, Android, Web browser. This means that if any player is desired to play this game online through web brower or android or iOS then they can enjoy this game online also. Multiplayer video game lead this game to a great platform because today’s generation are too much interested to play the multiplayer video games because in multiplayer video game, we can challenge our friends which increases more competitio0n in the games and game are included in this category.

What this game all about?

In this game, player will execuite with an avtor of snake which consists of multi pellats and certain number of players can play in this game. the main objective of this game is to grow the snake in terms of size. More the size of the snake, more the speed of the snake which will help you to make a looping trap for other snakes. This game is little bit similar to the and which were included included in the category of classic arcade game.

How to play this game?

It is very easy to play this game. the main main of the player in this game is to have a proper control on the snake so as to migrate that snake around the coloured area of the game. Beyond this, they have to eat the pellets available there in the coloured area in order to increase the size of the snake. Now the competition level starts when you defeat the opponent player and consume their pellets then it will also help you to gain mass. But if your snake’s head strikes with the opponent player’s snake then it will turn you out of the game and then you have to start your level again. If you don’t want to lose in the game then move and eat the pellets very carefully. When any snake collides with a part of opponent player’s snake then that defeated player’s snake transmits into the pellets for other existing players in the game. Perhaps, that defeated snake get to transform into the pellets but it will not change its respective colour and this pellet will be greater in size as compare to ordinary pellets in the coloured area of the game.

For iOS and Android app users, there are total three controlling schemes for the player:
1) Classic controlling scheme: This scheme signifies that when the snake follows the finger of the player then it will be considered as classic scheme.
2) Joystick controlling scheme: This scheme says that when the left thumb controls the snake by using a virtual joystick and on the other side, right thumb increases its speed.
3) Arrow controlling scheme: this scheme is very much similar to the joystick scheme but with an arrow above the head of the snake which indicates the direction of the snakes.

The strategy of defeating the opponent team:
1) If you want to defeat your opponent team then you can activate the boost mode which will boost your snake speed and decreases the size of the snake because of the boosting of the snake. So by doing this, your opponent team will get confused by observing your snake’s speed and due to such bafflement it may lead them to out of the game and turn their snake into highlighted consumable pellets.
2) A strategy which will be discussed in next few lines is considered as the best technique of defeating the opponent team. You have to do coiling around them in a loop until the opponent gets trapped in the loop. Your trap will crash their snake with another player.
So these are some strategies for winning which a player should know.
Additional details about this game:
When you will play this game then on the upper right side you will get a leadership board which signifies the top 10 players name and the length of the snake. Whereas on the bottom right side, there is a map of the platform on which numbers of players are playing across the world. Apart from this, top 3 players awarded with a rank patch on the neck of the snakes. If the player’s snake touches the border of the playing board then their snakes will automatically get vanish and won’t be transformed into pellets. If we talk about the skin of the snakes. There is around 12 colour of snake’s skin. Even, the player can add skin of their own choice or they can set their country flag as their snake’s skin by reaching the custom settings and then click on the skins. Thereafter you can set your snake’s skin colour. If you are playing on the web browser and you want to set the random colour of your snake’s skin then you have to share this game to the facebook or twitter, in order to unlock the feature of selecting the random colour of snake’s skin. When this game was published then that time there was no feature of adding skin of the snake in iOS but later on, from June 2016 this feature of adding skin of snake are also updated in iOS.
NOTE: You can also play this game offline by using an artificial intelligence mode (this version is added to this game later and this version will only applicable for Mobile users who are using Android or iOS phones).