Shadow Fight 2 Wiki

About The Game

Shadow Fight 2, as the name suggests is a 2D fighting game having over 100 Million downloads in the PlayStore™ where the players have to control a shadow ‘warrior’ who destroys all its enemies coming in its path with various kinds of different weapons.

During the Shadow Fight 2 adventure, the players have to face off all sorts of enemies, each with a different appearance, figure, behaviour, strength, etc.

You will at a few times come across very powerful and indeed aggressive opponents who continuously try to assault you as well as other foes and that is how you will figure out how to anticipate your mistakes.

Though there is a way to fight and assault your opponents while you are barehanded, by the use of only fists and legs for sure, in Shadow Fight 2, there are dozens of weapons and spells available for purchase. You will have to use swords, axes, truncheons, fire spells, etc. to win win a battle.

Even though the game is 2-dimensional, it is not like most of the generic 2D fighting games. It comes with fantastic graphics where there is an extraordinary character animation. To control your shadow (your battle hero), you have to use a joystick that lets you make movements in possible directions.

Also, on the basis of the type of combination and joystick moves and attack button, you can undergo many different movements.

Due to the availability of a wide range of enemies in the game, it takes the game to a whole new level.

How To Play

Shadow Fight 2 commences with two keys that are used during the combats: the punch and the kick button.

Eventually, the Ranged Weapons and Magic buttons would become available for use. There is a total of 7 Acts (excluding Interlude) in Shadow Fight 2.

Each act has a Demon Boss to defeat and destroy before moving on to the next act.

The following is the list of demons that you will face while playing Shadow Fight 2 (in order):

1. Lynx

2. Hermit

3. Butcher

4. Wasp

5. Widow

6. Shotgun

7. Titan

Each and every demon comes with five bodyguards, which you will have to face and defeat before you could challenge the boss.

Thought, the acts resemble in nature, the Shotgun case is a bit different than others.

The fifth bodyguard of the Shotgun Boss recruits five additional fighters (mercenaries), and Titan who summons May to attack Shadow.

In order to defeat demons, you would have to defeat it in 3 rounds instead of usual 2 rounds.

Energy can also be used to enter any fight; the players cannot fight if they run out of this energy. For entering a fight every time, 1 unit energy will be used. At a time, a player can hold up to 5 energy units. The energy will increase by 1 every ten minutes.

For refilling energy units instantly, the player can do this by two ways:

1. By watching a video

2. By paying 5 gems to refill all the energy

Hacks of Shadow Fight 2

You can also use hacks for Shadow Fight 2, by the virtue of which you can fetch unlimited money and gems which will eventually help you go faster in the game.

In the previous hacks, people have encountered certain problems (since the hack was outdated).

However, there is a new version of this hack available by using which a player will never run out of coins and gems.

Obviously, everybody wants better equipment throughout the game without which winning is nearly impossible.

On most mobile platform games in iOS or Android, always prioritise IAP items to progress faster than regular players. Also with the help of hacks, you won’t need to buy/purchase any items from the online store.

This hack is working since the very time it was first released. As long as you have an active internet connection, you can use it on any device.

Hack Features:

Gems and Coins hack (These are uncommon currency used in the Shadow Fight 2).

Free Energy Hack (Without any wait or gems, you can enjoy the game)

Also, you don’t need to download anything. The hack works online. To put the bonus, it is available on iOS, Android and Windows as well and doesn’t require any kind of rooting or jailbreaks.

In a nutshell, it is indeed a good choice to try these out.

Tips and Tricks:

1. The first trick is for fetching easy coins. It is simple. Every time you win a battle with some foe, you will increase your coin balance. Now, there is a feature of redoing the same match again and again and succeed at it repeatedly. This way you can increase your coin balance. The number of coins you will fetch also depends upon the duration of the match.

If you memorise a specific match, you can defeat the enemy with a great ease and earn coins instantly.

Please take a note that you must refrain from using hard hitting fighting styles to earn even more coins (increase your total coin reward).

2. This trick of Shadow Fight 2, regards the biggest concern of any gamer-energy. Of course, you need energy to endure in a combat, to fight with good health and to progress onto the higher stages of your battle.

This Shadow Fight 2 too will give you unlimited energy, if you follow these following steps:

— The game contains an online loop which allows you to obtain unlimited energy.

— To refill the energy, set the time to 30 minutes ahead and your energy will be replenished.

— Once you have completed the above step, set your device to its actual time.

— Now, upon returning to the Shadow Fight 2 app, you will notice that your energy unlimited. This is because your every five minutes, your energy will replenish itself.

3. The third tip will help you fetch free gems. The very easy and basic way to fetch gems is to complete your achievements. This way you would be able to acquire gems.

Weapons in Shadow Fight 2

Weapons, Armour, Helm, Ranged Weapons and Magic will be used during gameplay. You would be able to unlock Ranged Weapons after defeating Lynx. Also, you would be able to unlock Magic after defeating Hermit. There are five main modes in each of the acts.

The following is the list of them:

1. Storyline Fight

2. Tournament

3. Challenge (Except for Act 1, Lynx; it does not have a Challenge mode)

4. Survival

5. Duel (This mode requires an active internet connection)

The main goal of Shadow Fight 2 is to defeat all of the seven demon bosses (as discussed in How To Play section) by taking down each of their five bodyguards (note that last bodyguard of one of the demons recruits new five bodyguards) and then moving on to the next.

Somehow, it is not very easy to take the bodyguards and demon down; therefore, in order to earn currency, the player can also take part in other modes (names discussed above) as well.

In Tournament, the sole goal is to defeat each of the numerous fighters by challenging them individually. This is very similar to fighting the bodyguards of the demons. The number of fighters can be sometimes 8 (during the interlude and beyond) or sometimes it can be 24 (before the closing of Gates of Shadows) to defeat.

In the Survival modes, the player must fight 10 ninjas (6 during the interlude and onward) in one take, without any break.

The more ninjas you defeat, higher rewards you will fetch.

To unlock duels, the player has to defeat two bodyguards.

In Duel, the players must fight a ninja with any random equipment and that too with altered rules.

As said above, an active internet connection is required to play the Duels.

There is also the Eclipse, a type of gameplay that will increase the difficulty in storyline fights, tournaments, challenges, and duels.

Winning a fight in the Eclipse will help you fetch some additional Shadow Orbs.

Once, you have collected all the seals, you will face a special survival, challenge mode crossover battle: The Gates of Shadow Battle.