Rules of writing viral Articles

Rules Of Article writing

  • write about awesome people
  • write about targeted audience
  • write about what is already famous

  • write about future events
  • write about future predictions
  • Long form content gets more social shares than short form content.
  • Invoke awe, laughter, or amusement. Appeal to people’s narcissistic side
  • People tend to share content that looks trustworthy
  • People love to share lists and infographics
  • 10 is the magic number for lists
  • website gets more traffic on weekdays then it does on weekends. People are less likely to be on the computer at weekends and holiday periods.

  • Inspire awe, laughter, or amusement.
  • Appeal to people’s narcissistic side (think BuzzFeed quizzes)
  • Long-form content has less competition, and more shares on average.
  • List posts and infographics are more likely to be shared.
  • Make sure your article inspires trust. Have a byline, and bio. Make sure you have a professional logo and design as well.
  • Mix text with visually appealing elements.
  • Implement social metadata such as the Facebook preview image
  • Reach out to influencers before you write your content.
  • Promote your articles after it’s been published for a week
  • Tuesday is the best day to publish and promote content

why people share things ??

people share things to make themselves proud, to show their friends they are unique and superior.

to help others, warn others, motivate others

they also share things because they can’t resist. keeping in their mind.