Product Review – Kurkure vs. Cheetos vs. Tedhe Medhe

India has a culture of snacks, and people love to have something to munch on between the meals. In such a scenario, bags of kurkure, or tedhe medhe comes in handy. But what are the main ingredients in these snacks? What health effects do these snack items have? Let’s check out!


Kurkure has become a famous Indian brand and is usually consumed as an evening snack or a snack between the meals. It is spicy and tangy which suits the Indian taste and also makes use of some Indian herbs and spices.


The main ingredients of Kurkure are sugar, edible vegetable oil, corn meal, rice meal, gram meal, various Indian spices like fenugreek leaf, ajwain powder, fennel powder, coriander powder, garlic powder, onion powder, etc., salt and some additional flavors that are natural as well as identical to flavoring substances.


Cheetos is another crunchy and cheesy snack that is loved around the world. It has also gained a lot of popularity recently in India. It is common to see Cheetos in Indian supermarkets now.


The main ingredients in Cheetos include enriched corn meal, vegetable oil, yeast extracts, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, cheddar cheese, natural flavor, garlic powder, whey protein, buttermilk, and a few others.

Tedhe Medhe

Tedhe Medhe is also a favorite snack in India launched by Bingo, which is spindle-shaped. It has a blend of Indian spices with a delicious aroma. There are also the hot sparks of Indian masalas that give your palette a savoring flavor.


The main ingredients in Tedhe Medhe are corn grits, rice grits, gram grits, vegetable oil, black salt, spices and condiments, ginger powder, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, tomato powder, dehydrated garlic, flavor enhancers (INS 627, INS 631), antioxidants (INS 319), acidity regulators, onion powder, chilli powder, iodised salt, sugar and a few others.

Health Effects

These snack items are high in salt content, which also raises the level of sodium in the body and is responsible for various health issues like heart diseases, high blood pressure, and much more. Also, the flavoring substances and the type of vegetable oil used is not specified many times. Some of the flavoring substances might have adverse side effects for pregnant women, infants, and others who might have an allergy to them. Some of the artificial flavors in these products might lead to kidney tumor or cancer. The presence of monosodium glutamate in some of these snacks are known to destroy nerve cells and causes headaches, wheezing, burning sensations, or other symptoms. In addition to that, these snacks are deeply fried, so it can be a significant cause of obesity if consumed in large quantities. Also, when children or teenagers consume it, it becomes a leading cause of childhood obesity. Therefore, it is essential to be careful about these ingredients if you are consuming these snacks. You must be more cautious when you are giving these snacks to your kids.


To sum up, the three snack items, kurkure, and tedhe medhe are quite popular in India and consumed regularly by people here. However, when consuming these items, you need to be very careful about its nutritional value. You must read the packages carefully for the ingredients and check the side effects of each of them before you decide to have them regularly. After all, whatever you out in your body has a direct impact on your health. Therefore, you must be very careful about the health effects of these food items to enjoy good health in the long run.