Online SEO and Digital Marketing Process, How it should be done

Benefits of SEO Services

  1. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is process of making your website search engine friendly and the ultimate goal is to maximize the targeted traffic. 
  2. By targeted traffic I mean, relevent traffic to your website. Only people that are interested in your work or services should visit your website. It increases the conversion rate. 
  3. Higher the number of targated visitors, higher will be the conversion rate. More and more people will become your customers.
  4. SEO services enables your website to get targated traffic everyday, not just a single day. It is one of the most cost effective marketing strategy and far more cheaper than online advertisement. 
  5. SEO services make your website search engine friendly which means that search engines starts ranking your website better in it’s search results.
  6. At site gravity we care about your website traffic and the flow of visitors. We analyse what kind of visitors you are getting and how it should be improved. 
  7. There will be increase in your brand authority and more and more people will know about your brand and it will help you to engage with your customers more effectively.
Our Process

It’s time to know how do we do the SEO work. 
Client Requirement – First we gather the client requirements. What our clients wants. Based upon the requirements. We make strategies on how to achieve the given task. This is the initial process of our work. We also call it requirement gathering.
Website Analysis – Website Analysis is the detail process of analysing clients website and finding the possible improvements needed to make. This process includes 
  1. KeyWord analysis
  2. Social Media Analysis
  3. Traffic Analysis
  4. Image ALT Tag Analysis
  5. Title Tag, Meta Tag Analysis
  6. Keyword Density Analysis
  7. Heading Tag, Character Encoding Check
  8. Robots.txt Check
  9. Site Map Check
  10. Mobile friendly Check
  11. Broken links Check
  12. Backlink, PageRank Check
  13. Website Speed Test   
KeyWord Research KeyWord Research is the process of finding actual search terms that people often use to search in search engines. We target specific customers with the keyword research. KeyWord must be relevent to your website content and also the work you do otherwise you will get non relevent customers, who will visit your site but will not buy anything. We try to find the long tail keyword that customer might use to search for certain things on google. Long Tail Keywords are unique and very hard to guess.

Content Development Content Development is the process of  content enrichment, making a quality content. Search Engines prefer quality content rather than just a line of content. By quality content we mean that content must serve the purpose of the reader. Reader must be satisfied and content should include images, text, vectors, videos etc. which makes a quality content.

Website OptimizationThe Overall process of search engine optimization is called website optimization. It is the process of making changes to your website to make it rank higher in search results.

Social Media Optimization Google believes that a great product must be socially acceptable. A business must have social pages and It must show social sharing. A social accepted website ranks higher in the search results. Social Media Optimization plays a major role in search ranking now a days.

SEO SubmissionIt includes the process of submitting your website to major Business directories like justdial, sulekha etc. There are large number of high Pr good Business directory which can provide you refferal traffic.

Link Building  – Link Building is the process of creating links to your site from other site. Links from Quality and high ranking webiste can boost the traffic tremendously. We do manual link Building services from high pr website. For e.g blog commenting, social bookmarking etc

Reporting The Final step is reporting to our clients. We make report and send to our clients which includes all the work we did in a particular month. SEO is a countinous process and should be done for a minimum of 6 months to see the better results in search engines. It is not a one day process. After all slow and steady wins the race.