MARVEL Future Fight

About the Game

MARVEL Future Fight, which has been downloaded somewhere between 50-100 millions times on PlayStore™ is a 3D action game where you could play as Marvel Universe characters (Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, etc.). You can even play as personable characters from the MARVEL Universe.

The game commences with the introduction of Nick Fury, a guy who has come from the ahead of time to call all of them (superheroes and heroes) of the universe together to save the multiverse from destruction.

In MARVEL Future Fight, you can control over 20 different characters. However, at first (during the early stages), you can only play as Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America, but overtime you will be able to unlock Venom, Thanos, the Guardians of Galaxy and other characters from the Avengers Headquarters.

With different tools, you can use special effects (make certain attacks) in the game.

Black Widow, for example, can use her guns, Thor can use lightning and Captain America, his shield.

In the game, every superhero is equipped with four special unique powers. The missions in the game are usually very short, sometimes, even end up within a matter of minutes, so you get to play whenever you want.

Like most of the famous games, this game also offers you PvP mode where you can test your skills and accuracy and compare them with other players worldwide.The missions in MARVEL Future Fight are usually quite short (often no more than five minutes), so you can play whenever you want. There’s also a PvP mode where you can measure your strength against other players online ones being released regularly to keep things interesting.

MARVEL Future Fight is a part of MARVEL™ franchise.

How to Play

As we have already mentioned above, the player is offered three heroes, Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow.

The game is played by either touch controls or a virtual joystick (which is built-in in MARVEL future fight and is preferred over touch controls by the pro players).

Players collect and upgrade their heroes and their abilities through ‘biometrics’ (like gems in CoC), which can be gained either by regular gameplay or by in-app purchases made through real money.

There are four categories in which the players are assigned:

1. Blast

2. Combat

3. Speed

4. Universal

The players can make a blend of contrasting abilities of various heroes to form their ideal team.

Tips and Tricks associated with MARVEL Future Fight

1. Make a perfect blend of Heroes to get higher team bonus.

Adding heroes to your team will give you team bonus, eventually boosting your team’s attack and defense statistics. The algorithm that boosts these stats also depends upon the kind of characters in the team.

2. Choosing between controls: Control Pad V/S One-Touch

We have already mentioned it above that there are two types of controls

i. One-Touch

ii. Control Pad

Playing with one-touch, you will need to tap on the screen to move and attack where as with the control pad, you will be able to control the game with the use of your thumbs (both) for the same actions and movements.

Even though pro gamers use the control pad, you need to choose the type of control that suits you. It solely depends upon the type you feel comfortable with.

3. Opt the Gear Upgrade first

It is always advised to give priority to gear upgrade as materials for ranking up gear can be easily acquired by completing simple missions.

Even after replaying a mission several many times, you will find it much easier than to complete the elite missions.

But, you can’t ignore the elite missions as they fetch you biometrics. The best way is to play both. First by playing the simple ones several times to collect the gear materials and then the elite ones.

4. Visit the store frequently (every day) to draw free heroes

There is one Dimension Chest that could be opened daily. With this, you may receive biometrics (for unlocking heroes) or a hero itself. If none, you can get ISO0-8 to make the heroes stronger. There is a ‘free’ which you can tap to get free rewards daily.

5. Daily Log-ins helps you fetch a lot of rewards

In MARVEL Future Fight, you get bonuses on daily log-ins. Besides from this, you also get a chance to participate in some events which play a vital role in unlocking heroes.

For example, you can unlock and recruit Iron Man Mark 44 (Hulkbuster) if you log-in every day for 7 straight days. Each day you will be getting 2 biometrics and 4 each on Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, resulting in a total of 18 biometrics within a week.

Please take a note to use them as they have a limited validity period.

6. Hero Gear [Improve Your Heroes]

Go to ‘My Team’ select a hero from the list, and tap in ‘Gear’. Whichever hero you choose, you will have four items to upgrade and each upgrade will improve the character’s physical defense and attack, accuracy, speed, HP, etc.

[Make sure your hero has reached the required level before upgrading his gear].

7. Upgrade Hero Skills

Every hero has a unique skill that can result into massive and serious damage to the enemies. Do remember to upgrade your skills after every mission.

How to upgrade a hero’s skill:

i. Tap the profile picture of the hero. [Bottom side of ‘My Team’]

ii. Tap on skills, and then tap on the plus sign adjacent to it. You would be able to buy a skill with a

certain amount of coin exchange.

8. Reviving your hero to improve their condition

You can choose to give your current hero some rest by adding a new hero to your team. This way you could achieve the ‘Best Condition’ after a while. This status of ‘Best Condition’ can fetch you extra gold and EXP Points for the next few missions. [9-10 at least].

[EXP Chips are used to level up the heroes quickly].

Also, do not forget that replacing the old hero with a new one will make changes in the stats for sure. So, choose a replacement wisely and only when you find it worth.

9. Try to Mix Up Heroes to Get Higher Team Bonus: Adding heroes to your team will give you team bonus, which boosts your team’s attack and defense stats. However, some team bonuses provide higher stats than others.In my case, having Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye on my team boosted my team’s attack and defense by 1.6 percent.


The Biometric Locations

Till now we have made it clearer that the Biometrics are used for a lot of things and up gradations in the game and recruiting new heroes with their use is just an example. Similarly, you can also use them to rank-up your heroes, resulting in an increase in your team stats. Moreover, you also get access to unlock additional skills if your hero reaches a threshold rank.

Here is how to find the biometric locations of your hero:

1. Go to Home > Inventory > Biometrics

2. Tap on the Hero’s display picture [which has a number on it].

3. There you will be able to locate the Biometrics.

Also, keep in mind that:

1. Speed is stronger than Blast.

2. Blast is stronger than Combat.

3. Universal is somehow neutral.

The game is free to download but it contains mature contents such as violence as well as additional in-app purchases that come for real money.