Marvel Contest of Champions game wiki

About The Game

The game is one of the finest in fighting games genre on mobile platform, as it has been released on both iOS an Android devices.

What makes the game popular is the character itself is from popular MARVEL character as you can enjoy it on movie or comic.

MARVEL: Contest of Champions uses a simple gameplay UI with touchscreen style of fighting, you just need to swipe on device to move and it will give you a great combo special effect. All the superhero characters in this game are upgradable and the heroes become even more powerful upon upgradations. The resources, or say in-app currency in this game are gold, crystal, and ISO-8, which can be used to make a blent of unbeatable superheroes. You can also challenge other players who are globally online in this game.

Tips and Tricks Associated with MARVEL: Contest of Champions

Unlike the generic and traditional fighting based action games, the control system of MARVEL: Contest of Champions is not very complex.

1. In this game, defence is of utmost importance, so learn to block. However, most of the characters still take some amount of damage even after blocking. Hence, it is important to learn to dodge (by swiping left).

2. The key is about avoiding as much damage as possible and attacking only when you have an opening. However you do it, minimising your loss of health is important because your characters don’t recover health in-between fights during quests.

3. You must always try to be on the correct side of match-ups. It increases your attack accuracy, and simultaneously reduces this for your foe.

[You should not follow when you run out of choices; like you are left with only one Champion and no healing potions].

4. You may always choose to commence the battle by blocking. It may be your permanent strategy. This way you might get control over the computer controlled AI, but in case you feel that your decision went wrong; quickly turn offensive.

5. To protect yourself, there is nothing wrong in blocking even when there is no reason. It is just a way of making sure that you are all safe.

6. The only way to revive your health is consumable potion. Preserve them for the right time.

7. Look for two-star Champions as soon as possible with an eye on moving on to heroes and villains with three stars or more when you acquire them.

8. Hitting the button before the meter fills and changes colour will use all of the meter

9. A certain quantity of ISO-8 is needed to gain one level each time, and you also need Gold to actually infuse it into your character.

10. After hitting the maximum level, you can use the Catalysts to improve your Character’s rank unless that is maxed out too.

11. For beginners and rookies, Gold is fairly easy to come by, as you get it just by moving around.

12. The purple crystals you find during quests can contain a variety of rewards but mostly yield ISO-8.

Not to be ignored, Premium Hero Crystals can be bought with Units [the in-game premium currency].

These crystals provide you a guarantee of fetching you a two-star Champion for the least and can give you as much as a four-star Champion for sometimes.

13. At an interval of four hours, you will get crystals that will fetch you consumables, while the ones you receive every twenty four hours will fetch you Two Star Champions.

14. In MARVEL: Contest of Champions, you can also play PvP arena matches.

15. The special meter at the bottom of the screens gets fully filled up when you deal and take damage. Most Champions actually have multiple special moves they can utilise, but the meter will need to fill twice before using the second one and three times for the third.

16. Replaying the quests you have won can be used as a great tool to learn if you find your team weak. There are branching paths on most of the maps, and completing all of the possible routes (some of which can be much harder than others) earns you bonus rewards.

There are six variants of classes in MARVEL:

1. Cosmic

2. Skill

3. Tech

4. Mutant

5. Science

6. Mystic

Hacks of MARVEL: Contest of Champions:-

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