List of Top Indian States

India is a country with 29 interesting the states. Every the state is different in a culture that is very fascinating. 

In this article, we would like to tell you about ten top the states of India with cultural variations.


Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. The clear meaning of the word “Rajasthan” is the land of kings.

The state animal is Chinkara

The state flower is Rohira

The state bird is Godawan

The state tree is Khejri

The state dance is Ghoomar

Many forts are here in Rajasthan and people seek to travel here to see these forts. 

It is the the state of arts and deserts. People visit here from distant areas and abroad also to see many beautiful cultural activities and different colorful styles of Rajasthanis.

People like to eat and appreciate the ghevar, daal baati, pyaz kachori of Rajasthan.


The word Punjab is made of two words- Punj means five and Ab mean water.

Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab.

The state animal of Punjab is a black buck

The state dance is Bhangra

Baaj is the state bird

The state flower is Gladiolus

Some occasions like celebration of festivals of Punjab and marriage functions of Punjabi traditions are points of attraction for people. Sarso saag with Makki roti, lassi, tandoori chicken are famous delicious dishes of Punjab.


Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay) the most famous city of Bollywood stars is the capital of Maharashtra.

The state bird is the green pigeon with yellow feet

The state flower is the Jarul

The state tree is the Mango tree

The state dance is lavani

The state animal is the giant squirrel

Puran poli, batata vada, vada pav, pav bhaji, modak are popular dishes in Maharashtra.

Himachal Pradesh

The word Himachal is made of two words and Pradesh here meant by territory or area. The full meaning of Himachal is a place that is covered with snow.

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

As per name, it can be understood easily that it is a very cool place. 

People visit here in bulk during holidays to see the beauty of nature and hills.

The Snow leopard is the state animal.

Western Tragopan is the state bird

Pink rhododendron is the state flower

Nati is the folk dance of Himachal Pradesh

Chamba style fried fish, pahadi chicken, til chutney is popular dishes.


It is also known as the land of trees, land of coconuts, the spice garden of India and god’s own country.

Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala. 

The state flower is Kanikonna

The state fruit is jackfruit

The state tree is the coconut tree

The state bird is the great hornbill

The state animal is the elephant

Idli, dosa, appam, payasam, idiyappam, fish curry are popular south Indian dishes.


Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka.

The state animal is the elephant

Indian roller is the the state bird

The state flower is Lotus

All over the world, Karnataka is famous for its classical music forms.

Ragi mudde, jolada rotti, uppittu, maddur vade are famous food items of Karnataka. 

Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow is the capital of the U.P.

Swamp deer is the state animal

The state bird is Crane

The state tree is Ashoka

The state tree is Palash

U.P. is also known as the Hindu heartland of India.

Chaat and Banarasi paan are popular all over India.

Besides these, U.P is also famous for some non-vegetarian food items. 


Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujarat.

The state fruit is mango

The state tree is Banyan

The state animal is the lion

The state bird is the flamingo

The state flower is marigold

Gujarat is the home of the great man Mahatma Gandhi, who is also called the father of the nation.

Dhokla, thepla, bhakhari, and Gujarati Thali with lots of food items are the most popular.

Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal is the capital of M.P.

Folk dance is Maanch. The state animal is Barahsingha.

The state fruit is Mango

The state tree is Banyan

The state fish is Mahseer

Khajuraho temples are a very wonderful place of M.P., and popular all over the world. 

Poha jalebi, rogan josh, daal bafla, seekh kababs are famous food items of M.P.


Chandigarhis the capital of Haryana. 

The state animal is a black buck

The state bird is a black francolin

The state flower is Lotus

The state tree is Peepal Most of the people of Haryana are vegetarian and eat simple food items