List of Indian Tunnels

India has been included one of the fast-growing and developing countries where you will find wonderful flyovers, tunnels, bridges, and many other structures that connect different places, and tunnels is one of them.

The Indian Railway system is one of the busiest stations all over the world. New projects are also under-process still it has been working like a pro.

Here we are listing about Indian tunnels and some of them are really long, so let’s check out the following points:-  

Pir Panjal Tunnel

This railway tunnel is India’s longest railway tunnel and also known as Banihal Railway Tunnel. It is 11.21 kilometers long. This tunnel is located in Jammu Kashmir, which starts from Banihal, and the ending point is in Hillar Shahabad.

This tunnel was started in June 2013. The train takes 9 to10 minutes to cross the tunnel.

Trivandrum Port Tunnel

This is India’s second-longest tunnel which starts from Vizhinjam and ends to Balarampuram. This tunnel is 9.020 kilometres long. 

Still, this tunnel is under construction and the estimated cost of this tunnel is Rs.1030 crore.

The International seaport of Vizhinjam will connect to rail through this tunnel.

It is estimated that this tunnel will be started in the year 2022. 

Sangaldan Tunnel

This is a railway tunnel having a length of 7.1 kilometres. It is located in Jammu And Kashmir State. It starts from Sangaldan and ends in Kohil and is considered the 2nd longest rail tunnel in India.

It was opened for the public in the year 2017 and it covers many towns and cities.

Atal Road Tunnel

Also known as Rohtang highway tunnel and as the name describes and reminds the previous former prime minister of India named Atal Bihari Vajpayee and inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October 2020.

The construction was started in 2010 and developed to reduce the distance between two major cities Manali and Keylong.  

The tunnel is 8800 meters long and covers many major places of Rohtang and Manali.

Rapuru Railway Tunnel

Rapuru tunnel is India’s first electrified railway tunnel stated in Andhra Pradesh and is a great example of engineering and technology and constructed in the shape of ‘horse-shoe’ combined with NATM method or New Austrian Tunneling Method.

It will reduce the traveling period of 5 hours and providing smooth connectivity between various major cities.

The seamless railway tunnel cost 437 crores and was completed in 46 months.

Karbude Tunnel

Karbude tunnel is a railway tunnel situated in Maharashtra state and known as the longest tunnel in India until Pir Panjal caught the limelight of the Indian Government.

It is quite a lengthy tunnel of the Konkan railway path and connects Mumbai and Mangalore and links Ukshi and Bhoke railway stations and 6506 meters long.  

Nathuwadi Tunnel

Nathuwadi railway tunnel is also located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and is known as the second longest railway tunnel of Konkan station. It covers the Western lines of Maharashtra and simply reduced the traveling time between Mumbai and Mangalore.

The tunnel is 4.39 KM long and passes through various cities and villages.

Parsik Tunnel

Parsik is an electrified railway tunnel situated in Thane, Maharashtra, and also a prior part of central lines.

The tunnel is 1.317 Km long and one of the oldest tunnel in India and by the construction of this tunnel has reduced the traveling time between Thane and Kalyan stations.

Parsik is the name of beautiful hills around the area known that’s why the named it the Parsik tunnel.    

New Katraj Tunnel

New Katraj tunnel is a road tunnel that is located in Pune, Maharashtra, and covers National Highway 48. The tunnel is constructed in three lanes that are 1223 meters long located on Katraj Ghat.

The tunnel was opened for the public in 2006 and inaugurated by the chief minister and developed by using the NATM technique.