List of Famous Indian Wars

In today’s time whenever we think about India the very first thing that came to mind are the wars we had fought for United India. Here is a list of few wars:-


The first famous war is the battle of Panipat; it is the location that has witnessed three historical Battles that shaped Mughal history.

The first battle of Panipat was fought on 21st April 1526 between the forces of the Babur and the Lodi Dynasty. It was the end of Lodi Dynasty and the beginning era for the Mughal Empire.

The Babur was the courageous ruler of Kabul (Afghanistan). He was able to secure the control of the Punjab region from his place, and to satisfy his appetite for conquest he moves towards India, he scattered his forces towards Delhi Sultanate, where Lodi dynasty was in power.

After defeating the army of Ibrahim Lodi in the first battle of Panipat, he became the new ruler of Delhi sultanate.


Talking about the second battle of Panipat, it was fought on 5 November 1556 between the forces of Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, popularly called Hemu.

Akbar and his Guardian Bairam Khan who lost Agra and Delhi had marched towards Panipat to reclaim the lost places. Hemu was wounded by an arrow in the middle of the battle and fell insensible realizing that their ruler is falling away, his Army got struck and disseminate. With this, the battle ended in a decisive Mughal victory.


The third battle of Panipat took place on 14 January 1761 between the Maratha army and the Afghan Army. This battle continued for seven days and it ended with the end of Maratha’s attempt to defeat the Mughal Empire the Maratha Army under Bhadu Saheb was trapped and destroyed by Afghan chief Ahmad shah Durani.


It took place in North-Eastern India on 23rd June 1757. It was fought between the East India Company headed by Robert Clive and the Nawab of Bengal Siraj Ud daulah and his French armed forces. When the Battle of Plassey took place Mughal Emperor Alamgir II was ruling. The major reason for the Battle of Plassey to take place was the rampant trade privileges given to the British by the Nawab of Bengal.

The British India Company wasn’t paying taxes and duty by the workers. The Nawab of Bengal was defeated by the Robert Clive and as a result, British started imposing several rules and regulations on the inhabitants of Bengal in the name of tax collection.


This huge Battle leaved an incredible mark in Indian history and fought in 18 June 1576 between Rajput’s King and the Mughal emperor Akbar. When Maharana Pratap Singh was being crowned as a king, Akbar sent a message entreating Rana, to become a vassal like many other Rajput leaders in the region.

Rana refused the offer to personally submit to the Akbar, the war became unavoidable. But it was futile as the Akbar force was failed to capture Pratap who escaped and later continued the war and was able to take back most of the areas.


The battle of Peshawar took place on 8 my 1758 between the Marathas and Durrani Empire. This battle has witnessed a huge success for Maratha as they hosted the Martha’s Saffron flag known as Bhagava Jhanda at Peshawar Fort.

Their region was stretched from Pune to Delhi, and now to the border of the Durrani Empire in Peshawar. After being defeated by the army of Maratha, Durrani with Jahan Khan and Timur Shah Durrani left the Fort and moved to Afghanistan.


The Battle of Buxar occurred on 22 October 1764 between east India Company, lead by hector Munro, and the combined armies of Mughal rulers. The battle was the result of misuse of trade by the Indian Company.

Mir Kasim wanted to be independent. He treated Indian merchants and English people in the same manner without giving them any special privileges. This was the reason that fueled English people and war break out between Mir Kasim and the English East Indian Company in 1763 as a result hector Munro won the battle and English became a great power in India.