India in 2030

India could have grown at much faster rate if government could have focused on capitalism in the past just like current Modi government.

For those who oppose capitalism – you know what there is no equal opportunity in this world and two people are also not equal. You can’ weigh two people of different talent on the same machine.

If you give freedom to people for business certainly some people will come to the top and that’s good because they ultimately need man power thus they will create jobs.

Nevertheless, finally India is moving towards true capitalism and the benefits will be huge in next decade and we can salute Modi government for all of these reforms in past few years.

Due to the development of digital payments app and UPI under digital India, a flagship initiative of Modi government. India will be finally a cashless society in 2030 very few people will use cash for anything.

Due to digitization of government work, corruption will be negligible because digital transaction and digital traces can’t be removed so if any one is involved in any kind of corruption he will get caught.

India will have already developed a hyper sonic missile system a variant of Brahmos Hypersonic. Indian Army will still be a 4th largest army but will be much more powerful that what it is today.

With reforms in agriculture sector. Private companies and capable individuals will finally be able to do commercial farming where large number of agricultural products will be produced, packed and shipped directly from the villages. India agricultural exports will be doubled and there will be many millionaires and billionaires in just agricultural sector. Some farmers will become billionaires due to the agricultural reforms.

Poverty in India will go down due to rising number of startups and private companies employing millions of people.

Indian cops will be armored cops and will wear artificial machines and gadgets to deal will any difficult security situation in the country. For e.g a cop can wear robotic arms to carry out any heavy duty work and can wear robotic limbs to run faster and catch the culprits.

Self Driving cars will finally start running on expressways but still they can’t drive on a busy Indian road.

BJP will remain in power till 2030 due to failure of opposition and Indians will finally embrace their culture and traditions and keep voting BJP. India will finally become a world leader in Education or Vishwa Guru.

Most of the private Universities will shut down because companies will no longer demand collage degrees for getting jobs. Students will study online and get certificates online and based on that they will get jobs.

In some cities high tech Robots will start managing city traffic and they will remember all the cars that passed and faces of all the people. City people will manage these robots.

Finally in 2030 internet will be free due government free basics initiative.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) will handle some of the judiciary works in local court to fast track the resolution process.

India will be a economic superpower in 2030 due to it’s rise in manufacturing sector after COVID 2019. Many companies will prefer India for Manufacturing destination than China.

Republic of China will not dare to start a fight with India rather it will try to involve Pakistan in the fight. Pakistan will finally become a colony of China due to it’s loan default. It’s not like Chinese will come and rule in Pakistan but major government decision of Pakistan will be handled from Beijing itself.

India will finally start building it’s own search engine, messaging app and video streaming website.

Most of the Indian villages will have high living standards. Small villages will have millions of small scale industries that will provide jobs to millions of Indians.

India will be finally a self reliant country and will not depend on any other country for anything. India will manufacture and sell it’s own advance weapons, high end technology devices.

Many people will permanently work from Home and they no longer need to go to work place unless it is physical work.

People will prefer to buy an electric vehicle than petrol or diesel. India will be a global power in clean energy.

Disclaimer: All of the above prediction is just hypothetical and does not guarantee it to be true in any manner. It has nothing to due with any real life incident or happening. These predictions are done based on current trends, advancement in technology and education.