How to open iRCTC account?

If you want to travel in India with Indian Railways then you need to have IRCTC account to book train tickets.

Please follow the following steps to create your IRCTC account online.

  1. Go to
Registration page should look like above image.

2. In order to create you IRCTC account you need to fill the registration form and enter basic, personal and address details. Before opening account please make sure you have a valid email Id and a phone number.

3. In basic details you need to enter user name. Username should be unique across India, this means that not any other user on IRCTC should have same user name as yours. Please create a unique username for your IRCTC account and try to remember or note it down somewhere.

4. Next you need to enter password correctly otherwise it will give you error like Password is invalid.Min 8 character & Max 15 character. Password must contain at least one small & one capital alphabet and numeric digit.

Sample Password – Sohan321India!

5. Then select preferred language.

6. Now select a security question and try to answer in next field. Please remember this security question will be asked to you when you will forget your password so please remember the answer of security question or note it down somewhere.

7. Now you will be asked to enter your personal details which includes name, occupation , date of birth, mobile number email. This section is straight forwards, Please enter all the details and click continue button.

8. In next section you will be asked to enter your address details. Please enter the details like flat location state, city, pin code, phone etc. Then click on im not a robot also you need to click on check boxes like

Please inform me about IRCTC Co-branded credit card through Phone/Email/SMS (Optional)

I have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions. and also agree to receive promotional emails/SMS/offers/announcements from IRCTC & associated partners

Now click register and you are done.

Now you can login.

9. After registration is complete you have to login.

For that click login button at the top and enter your username and password along with a captcha, a captcha is used to identify if a real human is entering the form or not. In order to enter the captcha you will have to read it from the image and type in the box given below. For e.g in the above image i have to enter captcha as Jeevan Shanti.


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