how to get price from princing in Netsuite SuiteScript

   var record = nlapiLoadRecord(RecordType, itemInternalID);
 var pricelevel=1;
 var itemCount = record.getLineItemCount(‘price1′);
      for(var line=1; line<=itemCount; line++){
          var pricelevelFind = record.getLineItemValue(‘price1′, ‘pricelevel’, line);  
          if(pricelevelFind == pricelevel){
          pricelevel=  line;
 var price1=  record.getLineItemMatrixValue(‘price1′, ‘price’, pricelevel, 1); 
 var price2=  record.getLineItemMatrixValue(‘price1′, ‘price’, pricelevel, 2); 
 var price3=  record.getLineItemMatrixValue(‘price1′, ‘price’, pricelevel, 3); 
 var price4=  record.getLineItemMatrixValue(‘price1′, ‘price’, pricelevel, 4); 
 var price5=  record.getLineItemMatrixValue(‘price1′, ‘price’, pricelevel, 5);
price1 is generally USD, price2 may be something else.. price1, price2, price3 denotes currency in NetSuite. 
var pricelevelFind = record.getLineItemValue(‘price1′, ‘pricelevel’, line);

Here we count the total number of line items because record.getLineItemMatrixValue(‘price1′, ‘price’, 1, 1); 

takes rows and columns from the price matrix. getLineItemMatrixValue returns price from first row and first column of price matrix.