Product Review – Horlicks Vs. BournVita Vs. Boost Vs. Complan Vs. Protinex

Health drinks to mix with milk or water have been trendy in India. For some, it is a means to enhance the taste of milk and gulp it down while others have it for its nutritional value and health benefits. So, let’s check out some of the significant health drinks that are popular in the Indian market.


India is one of the biggest markets for this malted drink, which now comes in many flavors, including elaichi, chocolate, honey, toffee, and vanilla. They have other variants specifically for women and children too.


The main ingredients of Horlicks include wheat flour, malt extract, salt, sugar, minerals, vitamins, acidity regulator, protein isolate, and milk solids. It contains vital nutrients like Vitamin D, C, B2, B12, B6, B5, A, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, and fiber.


Bournvita is another health drink that is very popular in India. People usually mix it with milk or have it with hot water. It is known as an energy booster.


Some of the ingredients of bournvita are sugar, liquid glucose, caramel IN 150C, salt, added flavors of vanilla and other substances as well as added colors.


Boost is also a nutritional beverage that is popular in the Indian market. It contains no caffeine and is low in fat. It is commonly taken with water or with milk.


The main ingredients in boost are milk protein concentrate, sugar, Vitamin C, Vitamin, A, Vitamin, E, vegetable oil, and selenium.


Complan is a health drink that was launched in the Indian market in 1964. It came as a savior for parents who mixed it in milk so that it becomes tasty for their kids to consume. It has been commonly used in Indian households ever since its launch.


The common ingredients used in complan are edible vegetable oil, added colors, and flavors, sugar, annatto IN 160b.


ProteinX is more common among bodybuilding enthusiasts. They use it as a supplement to get that extra amount of protein that their body needs. It has been in the Indian markets for a while now.


The main ingredients of ProteinX are sucrose, skimmed milk powder, wheat flour, soy protein, corn flour, malt extract, minerals, and vitamins.

Health Effects

The standard health benefits of these health drinks are that it makes the teeth and bones healthy as well as strong. The presence of iron in some of these drinks help in boosting the production of red blood cells and increases the hemoglobin levels, so the risks of anemia are reduced immensely. However, some of these health drinks may cause dehydration if consumed in large quantities. They are also known to increase the heart rate, blood pressure and also stimulate the metabolism, which might lead to palpitation and other side effects in some people. While the health drinks that have high sugar content are known to be a significant factor for increasing obesity as well as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. When these drinks are consumed in excessive quantities by kids, they end up taking more sugar than needed and become a victim of childhood obesity. Hence, it is essential to be careful about the ingredients and read the package carefully before buying a product.


To sum up, these health drinks have been present in the Indian market for a long time now. Most of these drinks are also fed to children. While doing so, we also need to be careful about the sugar content and other ingredients that could be harmful in the long run. So, check the packaging carefully and do your bit of research before bringing your next health drink home!