Gun shot fire war wiki

Gun shot fire war is one of the most interesting and addicting games which is featured with high graphics and 3D FPS game. We can easily predict the game by its name i.e. ‘GUN SHOT FIRE WAR’ that means this game is related to an action game in terms of shooting your enemy in the war. This game is published by Lugame and it was developed as per the Android compatibility because most of the players are more comfortable to play these type of militants games on their Android phones only. Though window based versions of this games are also available but most preferable version is for androids. The latest version of this game which is available in the market is GUN SHOT FIRE WAR VERSION 1.1.2. Players who are willing to play this game can download this version as free of cost but only when if their android version is 2.3 or above the 2.3 version. This version was last updated on 28 Feb 2017.
When you will play this game then you will feel like you are actually hunting terrorists. So by this, one thing is clear that you have to face with fully armed murderous terrorists while playing this game. There are several major weapons are available in the store of this game which will be unlocked by the players when they will accomplish the tasks and increase the Exp. Here are some of the names of weapons which help you to shoot your enemy:- pistols, rifles, machine guns, AK47 and so many other varieties of guns. Most interesting part of this game is ‘ player can choose any of the stage and mode available in the game in which they will comfortable to fight with them’. Players can only complete the stage by protecting them from the fully armed terrorist and vanish all those murderers.

How to play this game

There is nothing much complicated about ‘how to play’. The only thing the player has to do that first of all choose the weapons with which you want to proceed in the war.
Thereafter, select the mode and your desirable combat map. After fulfilling all those requirements, click on the start button which will take you in the war. Now you are in a war. This game is all about the controls. Configure all those controls as per your handling.

I would like to mention 2 modes of this game in which it is sub-parted. All such modes are listed as follows:

1. Time limited mode: Time mode is a little bit challenging for the players because they have to kill their enemies within a certain limited time. The probability of completion of the task will be dicey for the beginners because some players do not have efficiency and sometimes not aware about the techniques of playing so that’s why this mode is onerous for them.

2. Hostage mode: Hostage mode offers the players to set the limit of the terrorists which they desire to fight with them. This hostage mode is controlled by the terrorists, you don’t have the power of fixing time in this mode. Only thing what the players have to do that they have to target all those hostages and bring the task at the completion level.

Apart from these modes, there are so many interesting compact maps are available in which you can choose your desirable map and can proceed for the battle. Here are some varieties of compact maps which are listed as follows:

• Desert II map
• The Persian town map
• Dilapidated city map
• Ice and snow map

As we know that this game is featured with high graphics and 3d views of the maps and weapons which lead this game to the successful platform in the market.
We have discussed the modes and the combats maps of this game so it would be necessary for the player to know the technique of playing the game.

Weapons used in this game:
1. AK 47: In this game, AK 47 are clipped with 999 bullets with a fire rate of 0.1 which can damage 30 terrorists at a time. Its efficiency of aiming the target can be equipped.

2. M249: This weapon is having a bullet capacity of 50 only. Its fire rate is a little bit lower than the AK47. This weapon namely M249 can destroy 30 terrorists at a time.

3. Groza: This weapon is loaded with 50 bullets with a damage rate of 35 terrorists at a time. Its fire rate is 0.097 which much better than M249.

And there are several major guns and pistles such as M4A1, Deagle, Barrett, AWP, MP5 which are used in this game.
Additional information: The operating system of this game is amazing because of 3d effect, smoothing setting, sound effects which seem to be realistic while playing. The most elegant part of this game is ‘ blood and headshot’. While aiming at the head of the terrorist and get a headshot then after the completion of the task it will show the analysis of your shooting. For example- number of kills is 20 and headshot are 2. When you will shoot any terrorist either it is a head shot or simple shot then you will get award per shot around 15-20coins. You can use this coins for the acquisition of high aiming guns or weapons and you will get ranking as per the completion of your tasks.
One suggestion for the players of the games: please sign in with this game while playing so as to get the backup of your achievements.