Flowers that Bloom all year round in India

Your garden looks empty and boring without those beautiful blooming flowers. There are many seasonal flowers available to grow in your garden but there are plenty of flowers available that bloom all year round in India.

Perennials are considered as the plants that bloom the whole year and stable for a long time and people love it. Similar to Perennials there are many other species exist that will make your garden lovely, so let’s have a look at those flowers:-


Ajuga can be a good choice for your garden that flowers bloom whole year. It has wonderful blue flowers with bright green color leaves. It will turn your garden into a pretty place. Grow it into the ground rather than a pot because it needs such space to develop well.  

Blue Perennial sage:

The plant is a perfect piece for decoration and it can be 28 inches lengthy. The blue flowers in a long queue look great and enhance the beauty of your garden. It can grow well in the sunlight but the shady environment is also fine for it. This fancy plant is must present in your garden.     

Purple Coral bells:

 If you like coral plants with blooming flowers then it can be a good option for you. The purple colored leaves with some wrinkles and shades look eye-catching. The plant can be 14 inches long.

Blue Pincushion:

The blue Pincushion flower plant can grow any kind of season or atmosphere. The sunlight or shadow both are okay with this plant. The green slim stalk with blue blooming flowers looks pleasant and the best time to grow the plant is in the middle period of the summers.  

Pink Astilbe:

This is one of the popular decorating flower plants that bloom all year. The best time to grow the plant is in the middle time of the summers. The plant requires plenty of water and care. The plant looks ferny and the outlook is mind-blowing with pink flowers that cover the whole pot.    

Purple Coneflower:

This plant has a tremendous outlook. You can easily grow this plant at your garden in the middle of the summer and it can survive in hot season too. The purple flowers with cone-shaped bud look great and eye soothing.

Bigroot Geranium:

The Bigroot Geranium is an ideal choice especially in India because the weather remains hot most of the time. This plant has no effects of harsh season and it doesn’t require any extra care or maintenance to grow.

The pink flowers look amazing and even bugs or animals never harm it due to its weird taste. It provides flowers all year and these qualities make it a fine perennials plant.     

Black-eyes Susan:

This plant mostly grows in Germany but now it has spread-ed itself to other parts of the world and easily available in India. It can reach 2 feet of length and its reproduction capacity is quite amazing.


This purple leaved plant is also known as Penstemon digitalis that’s actually its scientific name. The flowers look great with purple leaves and it can be 2 feet lengthy or more than that. Summers are the ideal season to grow this plant and it needs not much care or attention so you can simply grow this to your garden area.   

Threadleaf Tickseed:

The bright yellow flower with green a twig is an amazing combination. This plant can be 18 inches long and can bear any kind of weather. Even the zero degrees temperature can’t harm the plant and you will get the blooming flowers for the whole year. The plant can be also used as a decoration piece.