Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Wiki

About The Game

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia, commonly known as Mini Militia has been downloaded over 100 Million times just on the Android OS, let alone iOS.

It is an action-shooting based game that could be played both online and offline developed by Appsomni, LLC.

There are numerous weapons, movements, positions, modes, etc.


You can visit the store and spend your skill points you get during the online combat.

You can enable 2x view from the configure menu to widen the screen.

You can customise controls as per your comfort.

While using any mini gun, try staying close to the opponent.

Whenever possible, carry two guns together.

During the action, try to be in the air; it will reduce the opponents’ accuracy dramatically.

You can resist most of the bullets while carrying the shield but beware of grenades or missiles.

In maps like Outpost, hide in the plants/bushes and be ready to attack.

Place the mine and the gas bombs were re-spawning is probable.

Make use of as many grenades as possible.

Try to get the sniper, it is one of the most proficient weapons available.

Always have a good backup gun for the sniper/shotguns during their reloads.

Playing Tricks:

Never get into the battle with a pro player with higher scores.

Avoid the use of weapons like cylinder which has a relatively lesser effect on the opponent.

Before facing the foes, make sure that your weapons are reloaded.

Keep your boost power (blue bar) always full so that you can fly during the combat.

Lay down whenever you are close to grenades, if you can’t escape. It will lower the effect on your health.

Make a good use of double weapons during the combat to twofold bullet effect on the foes.

Carrying shield along with pistols or guns results in an incredible mixture of attack and defence.

Rocket Launcher is the most capable weapon if you have a good grip at its use.

Expert Marksman Rifle and an executioner sword is an extraordinary combo for both long and short range experiences.

Whenever a bomb is tossed on you, try bringing down the shield (if you are carrying) to nullify most of its effect.

To enhance the boost power (blue bar), keep scuffling while flying.

Try avoiding the use of bomb while you are carrying a shield and a pistol.

Following is the list of all the weapons in Mini Militia (will be updated if developers add more guns to the game)


Produces a large, blue ball that travels distantly and electrifies any player that comes in its path.

• It can nullify the proxy mine grenades.

• When a player is electrified, its rocket boots stops working for around half a minute.

However, this electrification does not create any kind of damage.

• The ball can surpass obstructions in the maps (buildings, stones, etc.). Use this feature when the opponent is high in the air, and trying to escape the combat.

• It is exceptionally effective once it is combined with SMAW. Trap the opponent with the

EMP ball and then make a fire from rocket launcher before the electrification fades.

2. Laser Gun

The laser, though does not makes a great impact on the opponent, it’s fire is continuous and

takes minimal time to reload. You can use it as a long range weapon. It is also becoming a great tool to stop foes from escaping the combat. Hide behind the covers, and do not try to avoid the use of laser gun.

3. Desert Eagle

This weapon is available for all users by default, which means that the player doesn’t need to buy the pro pack to use this weapon. As long as the player has not purchased the silenced golden

Desert Eagle, the player will spawn with this gun by default (unlike Magnum).

4. Magnum

The Magnum is also a default weapon and the user does not need to buy any pro pack to use this weapon. It is of two types – the regular Magnum and the .44 Magnum; both of them are semi-automatic handguns, so their firing rate is slower (comparatively). While the Magnum can hold only 6 rounds, it is capable of firing only 1 bullet every second.

5. M4

One of the best available weapons in Mini Militia.

• Can take down the opponent with a single fire if used accurately and wisely.

• Can shoot in three round bursts.

• It works best while using it in open spaces, or in straight corridors, to have a direct firing

for a second or two. It comes with this advantage of creating exceptional damage to the opponent with its three bullets. It also has a drawback; there is a time lag between the bursts, making it slow.

6. M14

M14 is a rifle having functionalities similar to the other sniper rifle, but not as good as that. It has

lower accuracy, range and non-instantaneous bullet speed. However, it is a good choice for

ranges on the account of its firing rate.

7. Sniper (M93BA)

Favourite weapon of the pro and experienced players.

• In most of the attacks, it kills instantly. However, sometimes (when shot below head) it

could melt the opponent’s health (the pink bar) to as least as possible.

• Provides the largest range of 7x among all the weapons available in Doodle Army 2,

hence a large part of the map could be seen. In fact, with 2x view enabled(in settings,

configure option) and 7x zoom, you can literally see almost all the parts of the map.

8. Machete

This tool can be used only with the melee key and when in direct/very close contact with the foe.

Also, dual-wielding is recommended (with Magnum or Riot Shield).

This weapon can also be used while you have hidden in plants/bushes, etc.

(in maps like outpost, ice box, so long). Wait there and fire when some foe gets close to the

place you are hiding at.

9. MP5

Being one of the most accurate and popular weapons, it kills the opponent within a matter of

seconds. It is always recommended to have a long range backup (in case the foe is a ranged


10. AK47

Pro players never miss a chance to replace the default (starter guns that you get after the

spawn) with AK47.

• Many good players often refrain from using this weapon because they can double wield

Uzis, which, as mentioned becomes very effective upon proper use.

11. Shot Gun

One of the favourite weapon of the pro players.

• Shot Gun is the most effective short range weapon. It takes the opponent down only with

a single shot.

• It shoots multiple bullets at once.

• They are powerful only when the opponent is in direct combat with you (close to you),

hence must have a backup weapon in case of long range combats.

12. Gas Grenade

It makes a translucent green cloud of poison that could last for about one fourth of a minute.

It creates a direct and serious impact on players in its vicinity. Obviously, the central region

is the most poisonous region.

Also, for 15 seconds or so, there is no way to make the gas ineffective.

• As discussed above, it can be a great tool for effortless kills. Toss the bomb at the

spawning locations. Any player that spawns at that particular location, will die instantly

hence, giving you a free point.

• Whenever you deduce that the opponent is low on the air fuel (blue bar), throw the bomb

instantly. Since the foe can’t fly, it will be trapped in the cloud.

• It can also be used in a tight passage after a drop, foes, unaware of its presence would fall through it, eventually, you fetch a point.

• Keep it in mind that whenever you see an opponent that can’t escape a certain location

(due to low boost, barriers or obstacles, etc.), use this grenade.