Crossy Road Game Wiki

About The Game

Crossy Road has been downloaded over somewhere between 50 millions to 100 millions times just on the Android, let alone iOS, Windows, Amazon Apps, and other platforms. The game was developed by Hipster Whale (published on PlayStore™ by the name Yodo1).

Basically, the game is based on the concept of the joke “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Your objective as a player in this game is to get as far as possible without getting killed. The game synchronises with the sensors in your phone. You have to swipe in the direction you want your character to move (horizontally).

While trying to get far, you will face limitless obstacles like cars, trains, pits, rivers, and what not.

You just have to save your player from dying due to these obstacles. At the same time, you need to cross it within time. If you take more than a certain lag, your character will be snatched by a flying eagle.

For, example if you get a river in your path, you need to jump over the logs to survive, and, of course before the eagle takes away your character with it.

Every forward movement will fetch you one point. Once you collect a huge chunk of coins, you would be able to use them to unlock new characters [make them playable].

Crossy Road, in a nutshell is an endless game in which you, as a player guide a character to tackle obstacles in their path.

As discussed above, you will collect square shaped coins with C written on it.

A sum of one hundred coins can be used for a chance at a new character from lottery machine.

The characters in the Android version of the game include the Android robot, doge, archie, etc.

How To Play:- The following rules describe about some of the most basic things you need to know for playing the game.

How to play this game: How to play crossy roads:-In this same you have to not get hit by any cars to get sink in the water. you have to cross the streets also and your score will be the numbers you walk forward, swipe left to get left, swipe right to get right, swipe down to go down. if you see a red light at a train track and there is a bell sound wait, then that means a train is coming. if you wait too long or else an eagle will fly to you. When you see a blue laser light or anything like that then stop for a second, this time, it’s the police that passing by. then it’s turning for coins. you can earn coins by watching add, getting a free gift, getting them on the street while you are playing. there are a variety of characters. you will get characters from the gum ball machine. there is name screen at the bottom right from which you can round you in the screen and also your face.

Tips of playing:-

  1. Look ahead, not at your character.
  2. Collect coins for the chance to earn new characters.
  3. Tap behind your character, not in front or too far to either side.
  4. Swipe sideways and backwards to avoid obstacles that are blocking your path.
  5. Jump as close to the back of vears and trucks as you can.
  6. Don’t get fixed on coins.
  7. Side swipe to same some time with slower lands of traffic.
  8. There’s no need to spend real money.
  9. For rivers, check which direction the logs are flowing.
  10. You can prevent accidental taps by holding down on the screen.
  11. Pay attention to train crossing heights.
  12. Watch out for police cars.
  13. Play in landscape mode for high score.
  14. For rivers, check which direction the logs are flowing. don’t miss opportunities for spirits.
  15. There is a simple rule: You have to cross the roads and avoid obstacles in your path. You as a player just have to NOT get hit by cars or NOT sink into water.

And the controls are also very obvious, you have to swipe left to go left, right to go right and same with the up and down movements.

As we mentioned above, an eagle snatches when you get late in tackling path. If you spot a blue light (or something like that), stop momentarily, this indicates police.

Tricks for Playing crossy road:-

Do not centralize your focus to the character, rather look forward on the path and obstacles passing by

Always tap behind the character and not in front.

Collect as many coins you can so that you can unlock new characters. But remember not to get fixed on coins.

You may choose not to spend real money (in-app purchases), as you can make a loads of coins just by playing.

Be aware of police, a blue laser light indicates their presence.

While crossing river, review the direction of logs or the river flow.

To avoid accidental taps, hold and swipe down the screen.

Pay proper heed to the train while crossing heights

Always play in landscape mode to score high.

Jump as close to the back of trucks as you can.

Pro Tips and Hacks:

crossy road is a feature rich tool and works online. Here are the most important ones of them.

1. Play with sound

Apart from the theme music and the character sounds, there exists many warning sounds as well. Pay attention to the sounds and whistling that cars, trucks, trains, etc. to get an estimate of hazards.

They are contextual and of course will sound louder the closer they are.

That’s why it is advised to play with a mute or quite character that makes the least of sounds and lets you concentrate on the warning sounds.

For a quite run, you may choose Swift Snail or Grey Bunny.

2. Unlocking Characters

As we have already discussed above, there are two methods you can execute in order to unlock characters. First, you can spend 100 in game coins on a lottery and it will unlock one random character (Note: It may be the same of one of those you already own). Second, you can spend 99 cents to directly buy a peculiar character of your choice.

3. Unlimited Coins

This hack works mainly for Nexus 5, and that too when you install the game from out-market sources. With the help of this .apk (of hacked Crossy Road) installation, you can fetch unlimited coins, hence unlock all the playable characters.