Critical-ops game

Critical-ops (C-ops) game is considered as one of the best action game which is named as ‘multiplayer one person shooter game’. This game was developed by critical force entertainment and it was first released on the web browser of the facebook on 14th august 2015 but when this game was launched on web then it faces so many hurdles in their so that’s why after one year on 30th august, 2016, developers of this game launched a update version of this game which can be accessed on facebook gameroom. After getting good response from the players on the facebook gameroom then developers of this game decided to launch an Critical-ops app which was published at google play store on 2nd may,2016. This step taken by the developers took this game to the unbelievable platform. This game’s base is set-up according to the game mechanic of counter strikes. We can define this game as the upgrade version of counter strike. Critical-ops game failed to stick on the compatibility of computers because for playing this game on computers, it demands too much of high level resources including graphics. Hence, modified version of this game is available only for the android and ios users with a 3d graphics which sometimes make you feel like “you are in the game and you are shooting your enemies”. This game is featured with huge amount of weapons along with weapons skins. In total, there are 5 maps in this game where players have to accomplish several major missions which builds excitement in the gamers to complete more and more missions. Recently, developers of C-ops launches a update version(0.8.1.f92 version) for android users. Only those android users are compatible for this game who are using 4.4 or above version of android.

How to play this game

Main objective of this game is to vanish the opponent team. while starting this game, players have two option of play that is, either to play as anti terrorist or terrorists. Even two gamemodes are also offer when you starts the game. those two gamemodes named as defuse and deathmatch.
Defuse: In this mode, terrorist will try to place the C4. For stopping those terrorist, you have to assign anti terrorist. Once all the enemy get killed then you will accomplish the mission.
Deathmatch: This mode is bit of challenging for you because you will be allot a team and you have to score more as compared to your opponent team. your score will be count according to the number of kills. This deathmatch mode allots you the particular span of time in which you have to bring your score higher with respect to your enemy.
Players can unlock the mission by completing them or they can also acquire credit from the main menu store which will cost you in monetary terms. These credits can also be applicable in case of acquiring any weapons skins.

Weapons used in this game:
It’s weapons are summarized in 6 categories which are as follows:
1) Melee
2) Assault rifles
3) Pistols
4) Shotguns
5) Submachines guns
6) Sniper rifles
All of these categories are subdivided into various categories of weapons.
1) Melee: Around 4 varieties of weapons are covered under Melee which are as follows:
a) Knife
b) Kukri knife
c) Remix knife
d) Tac tool knife
2) Assault rifles: the 6 varieties of rifles are covered under assault rifles which are listed below:
a) AK-47
b) AUG
c) HK417
d) M4
e) SA58
f) SG 551
3) Pistols: pistols are sub-divided into 5 variety:
a) Dual MTX
b) GSR 1911
c) MR 96
d) P250
e) XD 45
4) Short guns: there are two types of short guns which are mentioned below:
a) FP6
b) Super 90
5) Submachine guns: sub machine guns also have 3 varieties in it :
a) MP5
b) MP7
c) P90
6) Sniper rifles: sniper plays a vital role among other weapons so it is categorized into 2 types which are as follows:
a) M14

Hence, all these are the tips and tricks of playing along with brief introduction of game including all the weapons.