Comparison – Doritos vs. Cornitos vs. Bingo mad Angles

Dorritos, Nachos, and Bingo Mad Angles are some of the most loved snacks in India. They are enjoyed in parties or while watching a movie. They are suitable for munching. But are they good for health too? Have you ever thought about the frequency with which you should consume them? Let’s check out their details!


Doritos are one of the loves snacks around the world and are consumed in large quantities worldwide. But are they perfect for your health? Maybe checking out their ingredients would shed some light!


The main ingredients are whole corn, milk, vegetable oil, cheddar cheese cultures, salt, monosodium glutamate, natural flavors, sugar, Swiss cheese cultures, onion powder, corn maltodextrin, and mustard seed powder.


Cornitos is another type of nachos chips that are enjoyed by people especial with a mayonnaise dip or salsa on the sides. Sometimes people create recipes like cheesy nachos with chopped vegetables or chicken to get creative with their snacks.


The main ingredients in nachos include corn oil, salt, sugar, dehydrated vegetables, corn, herbs an spices like green chilly, jalapeno, ginger, parsley, paprika, soy sauce powder, vinegar powder, yeast extract powder, food acids (E296), anti-caking agent (E551) and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

Bingo Mad Angles

Bingo Mad Angles are very popular in India. All love its “Indianized” taste. However, it is essential to check out its ingredients to see what tastes good is also suitable for health or not!


The main ingredients in Bingo Mag Angles are salt, sugar, disodium 5’-guanylate: IN 627, edible vegetable oil, rice grits, dehydrated vegetable powder, corn grits, milk solids, gram grits, acidity regulators, maltodextrin, onion powder, yeast extracts, spices, and condiments, and corn starch.

Health Effects

One of the things that make these snacks unhealthy is the fact that it has starches that are deep fried in oil because that leads to obesity and is also full of oxidized PUFA which is the reason for most lifestyle diseases. Also, some of these packages do not specify the type of vegetable oil that is used in them. Some vegetable oil can be harmful and may lead to damaging the vital structures of DNA and weaken immunity. The added flavors in these products can be dangerous for pregnant women and infants. They can also cause allergic reactions in individuals. Some of these ingredients can also instigate asthma in chronic patients.

When these chips are consumed in large quantities, they can cause many health issues. If children eat these chips, they might suffer from obesity too. Therefore, parents must think twice before offering these corn chips to their kids. The best thing is to be aware of the ingredients, and its health effects, so read the packs and check out the ingredients before buying these things. Buy these things only when you feel delighted and assured about their health effects.


To sum up, these corn chips are good in taste but can have some adverse health effects. Therefore, people should avoid having them regularly. Maybe your body can sustain them once in a while, but having them regularly can be dangerous. Some of the disclosed ingredients are already dangerous, while there are also ingredients that are not disclosed completely. Therefore, you must be aware of the things that are added in this packaged food before consuming them. Also, when you give these items to younger children, it can be even more dangerous for them because their body is still in the process of building immunity. Hence, read the labels carefully before buying these snack items!