Clash of Clans Wiki

About The Game

Clash of Clans or CoC, as the fans call it has been and is one of the most popular war strategy game with stunning downloads of over 100 Million (only on Android devices).

It was first released in 2012 on Apple’s App Store and then arrived at the Google PlayStore in 2013 by Supercell.

While it is sometimes criticised for making itself an addiction among the teenagers, it is appreciated because of its design which is loved by people of all ages. It is a freeware available for Android, iOS or PCs.

In CoC, you have to get started by joining a clan, make your own army and lead your clan to victory. The army consists of barbarians (as seen in the logo), giants, fire wielding wizards and other characters.

Although not compulsory, there are in-app purchases that upgrade your troops/clan at a higher rate than usual.


How To Play

Your first goal should be making your base highly defensive.

Make sure you do not waste the earned gems and use them properly since you get started with limited resources.

Making offences is what you do but do not forget to maintain the defence around your base.

Also before attacking a clan do check the amount of golds or gems it holds.

You will be rewarded with a bonus if you manage to destroy enemy’s clan wholly.

If you are planning to upgrade, make improvements (upgrades) in traps; they are known to do a lot of damage to the enemy clan. Try to put the traps in devious places.

Attack whenever possible, it is what you have to do.

Take a note of training a more number of troops to replaces the ones lost in combats.

At first, train Barbarians (costs 25 elixirs each) and/or Giants (costs 500 elixir per troop). To improve offensive powers of your troops, you can take them to the laboratory, hence try to build laboratories.

As soon as you start fetching trophies, you will be going to upper leagues. With every level up, you will receive an extra gold and an extra elixir.

That’s the basic set of rules you need to about Clash of Clans.

Now it’s time to get familiar with the social rules and some informal rules you need to follow after joining some clan.

Build experience level in the starting few days of playing Clash of Clans. Once you think you are good to join a clan, start to look for one.

Send a request and once they accept your request, you would become a part of the clan.

Obviously, clan members don’t fight each other. Whenever your clan undergoes a combat, make sure you take part in it even you have a single troop.

If you need some advice on targeting, ask the players holding the higher ranks in the chat, they will guide you.

You should respect and acknowledge the leader’s power. Also, do make donations. If you are a higher rank player, your donation should never be zero and you should be polite to other clan mates regardless of their rank.

If you make proper and significant donations, you can be promoted to a higher rank (as per the decision of the leader of the clan). Generally, you should not constantly ask the leader for promotions, do make your contributions and leave it up to the leader.

Also, never donate wrong troops.

If you don’t like your at-present clan, you can switch to other clans. There are times when you face language or age issues, or any kind of issues. There is no offence taken when you leave a clan.

You may be sometimes getting a promotion to a ‘Clan Elder’. This gives you the access to expel members of the clan. Use this with responsibility and do not expel people without warning(s).

If you are new to the game, you may try to maintain a lower ratio of received to donated troops. If you don’t wish to join a clan but want to chat with other players, there is a global chat option available inside the game.

Always be useful and show loyalty to the clan or else, you could be expelled from the clan.

Refrain spamming the clan chats.


• Drop Your Trophies:

It may sound a bit irrelevant to a beginner but it results to be beneficial at some

times. It helps you get matched with some easier opponents whom you can defeat.

• Make Use of Shield:

When your town is destroyed to 40%, you will get a half day long shield which you can

use recover. You are also given a four-hour long shield when you make a loss of 90%.

This is a very good opportunity to build up resources.

• Find Inactive Players

Sometimes, when you spot some inactive players, it becomes a good source of earning gems by

making an attack.

• Protecting Elixirs:

As discussed above, there is a sneaky way to save up all of your elixirs even if the enemy makes a lot of plunders to your town. Remember to maintain the queue as full as possible in such times.